Week-in-Review 6/20/2018

Posted by Julie Villemaire on Jun 20, 2018
President Jackson promptly started the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance followed by past Past President Ken Farley flawlessly leading the group in the 4 Way Test.  Joe Bassett provided the invocation.
President-Elect Joe Moreshead announced visiting guests; Kristy Kendrick, Shirley Bowen from Seeds of Hope, Laurie Bruce, Carol Taranko and Brent Lane (Kristen Lane’s husband)
Fausto thanked the club for the $500 donation that we made to the CK Burns School reading program.  He said it was an excellent program and he brought in a book for everyone to view.
50/50 Raffle of $24 was won by Carl Goodwin who graciously donated the funds to the Red Ribbon Committee.
SAA Denis Elie was up next.  He already surpassed the budget from what I heard so today’s take is all gravy!  PP Karen Chasse was happy about a recent trip to Canada and that they let her back in the US.  Brenda Pollock thanked the club for their support of her granddaughter who was in a terrible accident and had gone to the Shriners hospital. Madison is doing better and will be joining us for lunch soon! Brenda was also happy for receiving a certificate for financial counseling and happy to be back. Kristen Lane gave $5 to finally getting her cast off after breaking her ankle.  PP Ken was happy to make 2 meetings in a row.  Matt Simmons was happy that his 11 year old son was one of two 11 year olds who made the 12 year old All Stars.  Joe Bassett was happy to spend time with his grandson and Conrad Welzel was happy that his wife was retiring.  That was enough happiness for SAA Denis so he moved on to the fines.  PP Keith Jacques was fined for “running out of seats” at the recent Past Presidents luncheon.  PP Ken was fined for bringing a date to the Past Presidents luncheon.  PP Bill Kany was fined for taking the 50/50 from him and also for not fining Al C. during the Past Presidents luncheon.  Susan Gajewski was fined for making Denis feel bad about not seeing PP Paul Deschambault either.  Paulette Bonneau was fined for not putting in a Happy Dollar for school being out.  Denis paid a “departure” fine for himself and Jeremy Ray as they had to go to a contract negotiations meeting.
Biddeford-Saco Rotary Club