Posted by Martin Grohman
We had a fun meeting last week, although turnout was a little light, and interesting speakers from the 9,300 acre Rachel Carson preserve, which makes up much of our Maine coast from Wells to Scarborough. Our presenters, USAF Veteran Tom Wall, and biologist Rachel Stern from the US Fish & Wildlife Service were interesting. One takeaway is that this is a large preserve with lots of programming for the community, including for children, and they encourage to visit and get involved -- it's a hidden gem (notwithstanding the fact that there is a picture of the preserve on the wall at Dizzy Birds -- $5 from Marty for anyone who can point it out!). We do not want a Silent Spring, except maybe from PP Joe!
This week, let's make sure to all turn out for Jen Fullmer & Team Hakim's presentation. Last fall, Jen presented on their dramatic exodus from Kabul, Afghanistan. Now this family of eleven is settled here in Biddeford. You won't want to miss this story; along with our usual good food and fellowship.
Today, we are sending $595 from Clynk proceeds to a young student, Onyango, in Kisumu, Kenya. This is an incredible amount of help for her, and will pay part of her high school tuition. C'mon now, I know we all drink four cans of seltzer water a day... please use our Rotary Clynk bags! I will have some bags & stickers at Dizzy Birds this week. 
Happy Dollars:
Sergeant at Arms Jim led a very interesting challenge, for each member to give the next line of the Star Spangled Banner, as we went around the room. If I asked you right now, could you give the first line of the second verse? I didn't think so. That'll be a dollar!!
  • Julie gave $10 for her 55th birthday -- happy birthday, Julie! Thanks for all you do for our Club, as secretary. Literally every day we have you doing something, including complex wire transfers to Ukraine, board meeting minutes, and many more items.
  • Don Pilon piled on with $1 to thank Julie and Saco Biddeford Savings Institution for their generosity. 
  • Conrad is happy and sad to say, that his Aunt, who is 98, has been admitted to hospice.
  • Bill Paterson gave $5, that his youngest daughter is graduating from UMaine. Congratulations!
  • Dr. Brian was $5 happy to be back in person. Thank you for all your help, Brian!! Good to have you back from Florida.
  • Phil Mateja (a retired athletic trainer, who has worked with many elite athletes) is $5 happy to be fine, 17 days after Covid
  • Your happy dollar here! Join us this week... Chef Tom is cooking up good stuff, and the outdoor awning will be up!