Posted by Martin Grohman on Apr 06, 2022
We had an excellent and interesting presentation from Amalie Sonneborn & Lily Collins from The Ecology School. There was very good Q&A and discussion. Here is a link to their website. They are growing and hiring.
Happy Dollars (the SAA issued no fines but ordered that all, without exception, must give something they are happy about):
Amalie from The Ecology School: has a new puppy
Lily from The Ecology School: almost gardening season
Melissa: great picture of grandchild
Dr. Joe: Grandson Noah is coming to visit
Mike Burman: spring is here
Jeremy Ray: gave a very generous happy $50 to be back at an in-person meeting
Jim Godbout: happy for the spirit of Courage and that we are meeting together
Cheri: $3 -- had a great visit to California, and Project Alliance Youth Summit is coming up
Joyce Valenti, happy $10, a tribute to her late husband who passed away a year ago today, and was a lifelong Rotarian who led a lifetime of Service Above Self
Marty: happy to see everybody, good food, good meeting, good speakers
CJ: happy to be back
Peggy: happy to be back
Joe Fullmer: nice to see the ducks and geese back on Peter Pond
Jen: Marty forgot to write it down
Kathy Shea: happy for the spirit of kindness and pay-it-forward that the Club exemplifies