Posted by Kathy Shea on Apr 14, 2021
Meeting Opened: 12:15 PM
Pledge:  Vice-President Marty Grohman.
4 Way Test: Jim Labelle
Invocation:  Joe Mooreshead led the invocation with a YouTube video.
  • Earth Day – on April 22nd and Rotaract would love to participate but they don’t have any specific plans.  Discussion was on cleaning Clifford Park, planting a tree, and collecting cans.  Marty mentioned all members could enter into a Green Pledge Agreement which Melissa supported.  Marty will look further into this.
  • Veteran’s Flags - at St. Joseph Cemetery Friday May 28th from 9:00 AM to 11 AM.  Brenda mentioned she would like to make sure we have enough flags since we ran short last year.
  • New Members – Second posting for the following two new potential Rotarians: Jessica Muise, Executive Director of Engine sponsored by Roland Gagne and Cheri Sullivan of CHCC at UNE sponsored by Bill Patterson.
  • Fireside Chat – Don will sponsor a fireside chat for all new members in June at his house.
  • Maple Syrup Fundraiser – Brian Dallaire announced we have made over $5,000 for this fundraiser.  Good job everyone.
  • CLYNK Bags – Roland explained how this fundraiser support the educational tuition for Antoinette & Judith who attend a school in Kenya.  The cost is about 112,000 shillings which is a little over $1,000.  Contributions are very meaningful and will allow the girls to continue their education.  Roland has graciously been paying out of his own pocket when we don’t raise enough money for this cause.  Don has bags and Heather has bags at her store.  Bill mentioned neighbors are willing to take bags as well.
  • Foundations Invoice – please pay within the next two weeks.  Send Sue an email if you’re not sure if you have given yet or Brian suggested logging into Rotary International.  The goal is to get to 100% participation with preferably at least a $25 donation.
  • COVID-19 Committee – The community has been moving forward with their gardens.  There will be a COVID-19 Committee meeting after this meeting.
Sargent at Arms Joe Mooreshead
  • Bill P.’s $5 happy for the great weather at his son’s wedding.
  • Dr. Joe’s $5 happy for his cat attending the meeting, for finishing his reading for the reading retreat, and for having the cleanest everything; house, deck, boots, etc. because his wife is using their new power washer.
  • Conrad’s happy his grandchildren, his daughter, and her husband are visiting.
  • Jen’s happy Joes YouTube invocation video ended.
  • Don’s happy it’s sunny day to play golf.
  • Melissa’s happy there are little buds on the trees.
  • Randy ‘s happy he had a new bed delivered yesterday after waiting two months.
  • Brian D.’s happy it was Joe’s birthday yesterday.
  • Matt’s happy he received his first Pfizer COVID-19 vaccination this week.
  • Conrad & Don are fined for besmirching Morgan Stoner’s name for his Maple Syrup.
  • Marty is fined for blowing the meeting at the beginning.
  • Don suggested Joe be fined a dollar for his birthday
  • Brian D. is fined because he needs to go to audio video school so he can learn to put up videos on time.
Meeting adjourned 1:16PM