Posted by Haley Thompson on Nov 13, 2019
President - Elect, Don Pilon, called the meeting to order and led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance. Joe Moreshead gave the invocation and Conrad Welzel led his fellow Rotarians in the 4-Way Test. There were no guests. Jeremy Ray won the 50/50 raffle and generously donated his $18 winnings back to the club.
Don Pilon reported that Sue Gajewski will not continue her service as Club Treasurer next year. Don is looking for a replacement and would like to find someone who is willing to train with Sue over the next several months. Bill Kany thought it might be fun for Don to be the first Rotarian ever to serve as BOTH President and Treasurer in the same year…
Heather Gendron shared important information about the Christmas Family program. Shopping for the families will take place on Tuesday, December 3 at 5pm at the Biddeford Wal-Mart. Club members will also meet on Tuesday, December 10 to wrap gifts at the SBSI Biddeford Branch. Delivery to the families will take place on Thursday, December 19, with gift pick up taking place again at the SBSI Biddeford Branch. Heather will have a sign-up sheet at our next club meeting.
Karen Chasse passed out raffle tickets at the start of the meeting. There is a quick turn around this year – please sell all your tickets prior to Wednesday, December 4, the day of the drawing. The event will be held at Duffy’s from 5-7pm.
Heather MacLean announced that the Rotary Christmas Party will be held on December 12 at 5pm at Don Pilon’s House (16 Glenn Haven Circle West). There will be an “America” themed gift exchange – one gift per attendee and a $30 or less gift limit. Sue Gajewski sent around a potluck sign up.
Happy Dollars:
Dr. Joe was happy to report that the Ogunquit Rotary Club bought a $100 raffle ticket. He was also fined for being late…
Bill Patterson was happy that his granddaughter turned 1!
Conrad Welzel was happy that he spent 3 days with his granddaughters and had a great time.
Karen Chasse was happy that her dog is healing from a torn ACL and lives another day!
Marty Grohman was happy that they allowed him to order lunch even though he was late.
Heather Gendron was fined for apparently honking at and picking up attractive men walking down Main St. (Bill Kany).
Joe Moreshead was fined for talking to Heather Gendron when he was supposed to be paying attention.
Jim Godbout was fined for his being away on a fabulous trip.
Keith Jacques was fined for complaining about it being cold – put a coat on Keith.
Karen Chasse was fined for having the cutest outfit!
Joe Moreshead was fined for being the best dressed man of the day – he fined himself an extra dollar.