Attendance: Joe Bassett, Joe Boyle, Karen Chasse, Melissa Cilley, Brian Dallaire, Jane Foley, Keith Jacques, Bill Kany, Kristen Lane, Heather MacLean, Joe Moreshead, Bill Paterson, Fausto Pifferrer, Don Pilon, Brenda Pollock, Kathy Shea, Kaitlin Tito, Matthew Tuller, Conrad Welzel
Guest: Erin Sheehan of Lorne Wine
President Don welcomed everyone
Pledge of Allegiance
Joe Bassett with the invocation
4-Way Test led by Joe Moreshead 
  • The Pension Professionals drive through BBQ for first responders is today
  • Breakfast was packaged and delivered to the fire department, police department, and hospital
  • President Don and Conrad picked up 1,000 masks yesterday - they were donated by the East Hampton, CT Rotary Club 
  • The COVID-19 Subcommittee will decide how they will be distributed
  • A $1,000 donation was provided to the Thornton Academy food assistance program by the COVID subcommittee
  • The Saco food pantry and Bon Appetit could use volunteers
  • 100th anniversary party still on for mid-July
  • The 100th anniversary subcommittee meets this Friday at 2 PM
  • Please let Roland or Fausto know if you can host a guest at your home (10 hosts would be nice, we currently have 6 or 7)   
  • Dr. Joe - $2 - Completed all winter projects
  • Bill Kany - $10 - His daughter, Erin, got married on Saturday
  • Bill Paterson - $1 - Finished his Fender Strat
  • Dr. Dallaire - $1 - Leaving for Florida on Saturday
  • Dr. Dallaire - Additional $1 - Doctor appointment went well
  • Joe Moreshead - $1 - Enjoyed the volunteer opportunity this morning
  • Conrad - $1 - Rotary event yesterday was fun
  • Don - $1 - Received a Paul Harris Fellow award in the mail
  • Brenda - $1 - Her granddaughter is collecting tabs for the Shriner's Children's Hospital
  • Karen - $5 - Finally saw the hairdresser after 10 months and also refinanced her home
  • Melissa - Apex has Kristen Lane on board now as Treasurer
  • Bill Kany - $1 - Parking fee
  • Brenda - $1 - Promoting her granddaughter
  • Karen - $1 - Left work during school hours for ice cream
  • Don - $1 - Weekly Presidential fine
  • Don - $1 - Meeting started late
  • Matt Tuller - $1 - For being Mark's son
  • Conrad - $1 - Teacher's pet
  • Erin and her husband wanted to move to Maine since they lived in Brooklyn, but moved to Dallas, TX for five years before settling here
  • They chose Biddeford for their retail space due to the favorable economic trajectory of the neighborhood
  • Lorne Wine was featured in Bon Appetit as one of the 10 friendliest places in America to get a drink
  • Due to COVID, sales have moved online and curated packages are offered, as well as wine subscriptions
  • Retail business has grown 250% since March
  • Lorne hopes to resume spaced indoor service in November
  • Outdoor seating is currently available but weather dependent
  • They are located on Main St. in Biddeford, close to Dizzy Birds (nearest cross street is Foss)
  • Between 250-300 varieties of wine are offered, with a focus on organic and sustainable wines
Meeting adjourned at 1:00 PM