Posted by Kaitlin Tito on Oct 21, 2020
Attendance: Karen Chasse, Melissa Cilley, Martin Grohman, Kristen Lane, Heather MacLean, Bill Paterson, Brenda Pollock, Kaitlin Tito, Conrad Welzel
Guest: Dr. Donald Hoenig
President Don could not attend - Marty welcomed everyone
Pledge of Allegiance
Joe Bassett - Invocation
Marty led the 4-Way Test
  • Jim Godbout is leading a service project this Thursday and Friday from 9-5
  • Volunteers are needed for yard work and indoor cleaning
  • The COVID-19 Subcommittee has 8 bottles of hand sanitizer and 600 masks left
  • The subcommittee is checking in with the cities of Saco/OOB/Biddeford regarding their current needs
  • The skating rink steps are in need of repair - check FB for more info
  • Susan Gajewski applied for position on District Finance Committee
  • Congrats to Brenda for story in the Courier about Mark and Matt Tuller
  • Heather Gendron will have Christmas shopping details for us at next meeting
  • Recovery center is being established in Saco (we should consider asking Chief MacKenzie to speak at an upcoming meeting)
  • Bill - $1 - His son turns 37 today
  • Dr. Joe - $10 - Received a Paul Harris pin / Please consider purchasing Ogunquit Rotary Club raffle tickets
  • Brenda - $12 - Tomorrow is her granddaughter's 12th birthday
  • Mark & Matt Tuller - $1 each - Courier story
  • Marty - $1 - Looks like a DJ
  • Bill Kany - $1 - Language choice in email
  • Bill Paterson/Marty/Conrad - $1 - For pointing out language choice
  • Bill Kany - $1 - Furniture spotted on lawn
  • Karen - $1 - Rotary anniversary (21 years)
  • Jim LaBelle - $1 - For participating in Wildlands Adventure Race
  • Mark Nahorney - $1 - Used glamour shot instead of live video
  • Dr. Hoenig is a NJ native and a current resident of Belfast and Ocean Park
  • His career spans over 40 years and focuses on promoting humane and safe animal agriculture practices
  • Everyone eats, but only 1-2% of Americans are involved in producing food
  • New England eggs are brown because whaling captains stopped at ports in Asia and brought back chickens that laid brown eggs
  • Maine used to be the leader for Northeast egg production
  • Until 10 years ago there were 4.5 million laying hens in Winthrop & Turner (now about 1 million)
  • Connecticut now has more laying hens than Maine does
  • Each hen will produce about 294 eggs per year
  • Over the past 50-100 years, increased efficiency, indoor confinement, better nutrition, and better health have led to increased egg production per hen
  • US now has the safest, most productive, and least expensive food in the world
  • 5 Freedoms of Animal Welfare: free from hunger/thirst, discomfort, pain, injury or disease, and fear or distress (should also be free to express normal behavior)
  • Battery cages or conventional housing are very controversial - 4-5 birds per cage, no roosts, no scratch areas, and no laying boxes
  • Cage free birds are still inside but have perches and laying boxes and are free to roam and interact with other birds
  • Many retailers have pledged to only purchase cage free eggs by 2025
  • As of 2019, about 24% of hens were raised in cage free housing
Meeting adjourned at 1:15 PM