Posted by Julie Villemaire on Jan 29, 2020
President Fausto was MIA this week so President-Elect, Don Pilon, presided over the meeting.  He led the way with the Pledge of Allegiance.  Past President, Joe Moreshead, flawlessly led the group in the 4 Way Test and Joe Bassett provided the invocation.
PE Don was the ultimate multi-tasker today and also introduced our one visiting guest, Jane Foley, from SMHC.  Jane was a guest of the also MIA Past President, Karen Chasse. 
Not to fear, PP Joe Moreshead stepped up to the plate to stand in for PP Karen and sat with Jane Foley.
The lucky winner of the $23.00 50/50 pot went to Haley Thompson.  Haley generously donated her winnings back to the Red Ribbon fund.  Thank you Haley!
02/20/20 is the date for the Rotary World Day of Peace. This event will be held at the Sheraton in Portland.  Everyone is welcome to attend.  If you are interested in attending, please contact President Fausto so he can sign you up!
Marty, Don and Fausto recently attended a dinner at the Fireside Inn in Portland.  This was an introductory meeting/dinner for the incoming officers.  It was a great opportunity to meet new people and gain some new ideas.
One of the items that came into question was the term “Sargent-at-Arms (SAA).  Some people are now wondering if that term is “politically correct”.  If we don’t refer to this person as the SAA, what do we call him/her?  PE Don tossed out a few suggestions such as “Collector of Funds”, “Solicitor of Funds”, etc.  Our current SAA, Heather MacLean, stated that she was not personally adverse to the title.  It actually made her feel powerful.  This topic will most likely be brought before the Board for discussion.
Heather MacLean and Conrad Welzel did a brief update for the upcoming Wine Tasting Event which is being held on February 8th at Duffy’s.  There are still many tickets to be sold! Please do your best to sell the tickets that were provided to you.  If you haven’t received any tickets or are in need of more to sell, get in touch with Heather or Conrad and they’ll hook you right up.  We are also still in need of some silent auction items.  If you have an item, it can be dropped off at Heather’s store on Main Street in Saco, Whimsical ME.  Our club does so much for the community.  We all need to pull together to make this super fun fundraiser a huge success so we can continue with our good work in the communities we serve!
SAA was up next to boost her budget. 
Happy Dollars were received from the following Rotarians: 
Kathy Shea just for being here;
PP Joe was in awe of the power of the SAA;
Dr. Joe celebrated a wedding anniversary last week. He was also happy to serve on the committee for the nomination of the next District Governor.  He also mentioned that a fellow Rotarian was surprised that he maintained great attendance in two clubs.  He wanted to know who would want to miss showing up at our club meeting!
PP Ken Farley was happy to have won a large case at work;
Conrad Welzel only has 3 days to go! (I believe he is retiring-again😊)
Mark Nahorney was happy to announce that Biddeford Winterfest was this weekend.  He also mentioned that a couple of shows at City Theater were selling out fast so you’d want to purchase your tickets sooner rather than later. 
Julie was happy that there were no injuries & only minor damage when she was rear-ended at the red light at the Biddeford Crossing plaza. Also happy that the police officer didn’t even mention that she had provided an old, expired license & expired insurance instead of the updated versions (what a day!!)
That was enough of the happiness so Heather started doling out the fines. 
She started with PP Joe with a $5 fine for his comment about Heather not being cute and also about Rotary allowing women into the club.  Joe generously donated $20 instead because in the end it all goes to the children. 
PP Jackson Brown was fined for his upcoming trip to the Super Bowl. 
PP Denis Elie was fined a Happy Birthday dollar. 
CJ Dubois-Cote, Sara Neault, Don Pilon and Jeremy Ray were all fined an anniversary dollar. 
Jim LaBelle was fined for not investing in his attire once again.  It was suggested that he look at Jackson Brown as a role model.  He was also fined for not being able to attend the wine tasting fundraiser. 
PP Keith Jacques was fined for his comment when he entered the meeting.  The “comment” was not shared so it must have been a doozy. 
Kaitlyn Tito was fined once again for having a cute outfit.
We will soon have a representative from SMHC, Jane Foley, join our club!