We were going to buy it from Harbor Freight in South Portland and have them ship it to him in Bangor. HF said we had to buy it in Bangor. Short of driving to Bangor I contacted our district governor Peggy Belanger to ask her for the president of the local Bangor club. She put me in touch with Caroline King of the Bangor Rotary Club. I called Caroline to ask her if she could buy the tool box and deliver it to this veteran. She did all of this. We sent her a check for the cost of the tool box and all is good. She and I talked afterwards and she was grateful I reached out to her. She replied this is the power of Rotary. The ability to network within the organization for situations like this and support our communities.
Service above Self
Toolbox update - the Bangor Rotary Club purchased and delivered the toolbox
     I just picked up the tool box it’s in a huge box I am going to open it up this Sunday to put some of my tools in it. So on Sunday when it is nice and flashy I’ll send you a good pick. Thank you so much.
I just got my tool box delivered to C&L aviation today. I can’t thank you guys enough for all you have done for me. This is a professional tool box for a professional aircraft mechanic. 
Best regards,
D.Ryan Neville