Posted by Elaine Palmitessa on Aug 14, 2019

Speaker Presentation:  Conrad W. Introduced the speaker-  Tracy, Mike & Matt  from the Saco Steam – which stands for Saco Alliance for Science -Science Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math

Focusing on K through 8


Spoke about the History of Saco:

21% of Saco residents are >18

31% Free Reduced Lunch

53 English as 2nd  Language

17.2 % Use special services



15th out of 18th in neighboring counties


Mission Success: 1st 2 years

3 Parts

  1. Advocate for schools and resources
  3. Connect community resources to schools
  5. Fundraise money and provide direct grants



  1. Advocated for budget
  3. Connected aquaponics experts to SMS (Saco Middle School) project based learning team
  5. Raised $17,000 -Provided $10,000 in grants.


1st Grant :

        Distributed to CK Burns school $2,500 for Robotic Program

Other Grants:

       Let’s Go Code-                     Grade 1 & 2

        Engineering-                        Grades 3-5 

        Ecology-                                Grade 6

        Maine Learning Field Trip  Grades 6-8

        Mapping- (Camp Ellis)        Grade 7



        Jim Godbout, Paquin & Carroll Insurance,  Saco Biddeford Savings Bank, Peoples Choice Credit Union, etc.



        Courier, Tribune & WMTW


Matching Grant Opportunity:

         Music & Coding Wall at Saco Middle School – Incorporate in cell phones or other technology, Code in Windchimes.  In fences with metal of all different sizes.  We have ½ the money to fund this project. 

         Funding Levels- Founders Circle $5,000 a year and Innovators Corner $2,500 a year. 


         501 C Status

         A Teacher Initiative Project  


Saco Steam Open for Grants !!!!

         Teacher Applications will close November 15.  Grants Awarded in the Spring

         To apply: