Posted on May 08, 2020
          All – this email is part of a series of emails that I routinely send to club presidents.  In consideration of these challenging times, this email is being sent to all members of our District.
Our Covid-19 situation precludes us from holding our annual June Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) camp. Currently, our RYLA Leadership Team is hoping to hold a smaller, condensed version of camp on Labor Day weekend. 
The attached letter from Sam Klemarczyk gives an excellent inside look into the thought processes of and a sample of some of  the planning taking place by our RYLA Leadership Team.
We are blessed in our District to have such a strong RYLA program, a program that has had such an amazing and positive influence on so many. Our RYLA Leadership Team, Sam, Emily Rumble, and Phil Giordano, and their entire staff, are absolutely superb.
Thank you RYLA leaders and staff!
Andy  ;-)