Posted by Joe Moreshead on Jan 14, 2020
So, you know you can take a horse to water but you can’t make him drink. The other day I was picking up lunch at Part & Parcel on Alfred Street, ,  for my wife Andrea who was convalescing at home from some surgery. While I was  waiting for her lunch to be made a women came in and spoke to Ally, the owner of P&P. The women introduced herself to Ally and said that she ran a local store ( didn’t catch the name ) and that her partner had cancer and needed to go to Dana Farber for treatment at the end of the month. The women needed hotel accommodations in Boston during the treatment. This women decided to go door to door, business to business and explain her situation and ask for financial help. Of course I was eavesdropping on the conversation a that point.
Ally reached in her pocket and pulled out all of the cash she had and handed it to the women and said “this is all I have, good luck”. As the women started to leave I stopped her and said, “I was listening in on your conversation and I can help”. I gave her our Rotary website address, told her where to find the charitable request form, gave her my name and email address, she wrote this all down----- radio silence. I wish I knew her. I told her our Rotary Club is all about helping people particularly ins situations like this.
Isn’t it a shame that we want to help but some people just don’t see it. I always think about this story that Angus King use to tell. It was about being from the government and being there to help. The story went something like this: There was this massive flood coming form unrelenting rain and people were being evacuated. The police went door to door to tell people to evacuate. This one guy refused. He told the police that he was a righteous man, live by the Lord’s law, went to church—God was going to take care of him. A few hours later the rain waters had risen to his first floor windows and now the firemen were in boats telling people to leave. When they came to this guy’s house he was hanging out the second floor window. They told him he must leave. He gave them the same story about being righteous, followed the commandments, God would protect him. so the firemen moved on.
Later that day the flood waters had reached the second floor and now a helicopter came by and saw this man hanging onto his chimney on the roof. They told him to grab the line they threw and they would lift him to safety. He refused while reciting psalm and biblical passages- he was not leaving. The helicopter had no choice but to leave.
Sad to say the flood waters continued to rise and the man was washed away and drowned. When he got to heaven he was pissed that he was dead. When he finally met God he asked WTF- why did I die- I lived by your rules, went to church every Sunday, tithed 10% of my gross, you were supposed to protect me at which point God interrupted him and said “ I sent you the police, a boat and then a helicopter.”
Past President