Posted by Fausto Pifferrer on Jul 03, 2019
Don’t let this suit throw you off – I’m still the same fun Fausto – but I am doing an experiment to see if you will give me the same respect as Mr. Kany if I dress like him. 
I have come a long way from growing up in a very poor neighborhood.  I learned really quick that you can beg, borrow or steal—or work really hard—to succeed in life.  For this Rotary year, I am pulling from my experience and have settled on the tactic of borrowing from the many wise Presidents before me to ensure success.  Of course, this does not rule out the need to beg on occasion so I hope you will all indulge me when it comes to that.
To kick-off my year, I will emulate Past President Roland Gagne by giving you all a glimpse into what it is like to have me as your new President.  Then suddenly in August, I will disappear and my fellow Leadership will reign over you in my absence.  No, I am not going to another country like Roland opted to do but rather making dreams come true for 10 lucky couples – five of whom, according to divorce statistics, may look back and regret this August. 
From Ken, I am going to see if he would like to join me in keeping the speedo alive.  No?  Well, it was worth the ask.  Do you remember Ken videotaping every meeting?  Yet, none of us have ever seen them so we are all wondering if he forget to press play? 
From Bill, I will borrow the key to the bank so I don’t have to keep going to Lucie for loans.  I know you’re all surprised I’m switching sides.  I’d like to take a moment just to thank Bill for kicking-off my award-winning with my cherished Paul Harris Fellow.  Since that confident boost, I have managed to reinforce my office wall with 25 plaques.  I hope one day to have the medallion to go with the award.
From Lucie, I will borrow the enthusiasm and strong desire to be in the community working on projects.  As much as Jackson and I (Jackson more…) appreciated her free entertainment of UNE college girls undressing on the way back to our cars from the Fireside Chat, I will opt for more appropriate behavior my year.  In all honestly, one of the things I admire most about Lucie is her ability to laugh at herself.  I plan to continue that legacy.
From Jackson, I won’t need to borrow anything because it is obvious we are both cursed with the same attractive qualities that catapulted our success.  Comparative to the magic of Mary Poppins when the messy bedroom suddenly becomes tidy, I believe you will all magically want to plan and participate in the many service projects about to unfold.
From Joe, I will borrow the focus on service hours over meeting attendance.  As a small business owner, I know work has to come first in order to be able to serve Rotary so if you can’t make a Wednesday meeting—serve!  Yes, we get a lot out of the fellowship and forming of friendships while we talk at lunchtime but we get even more when we gather for service projects.  Read the Tack and emails.  Be aware of projects coming up and give an hour or two.  Bring your family and friends. Just get involved and keep track of your service hours.  This is far more important to me and the club than breaking bread together.
And, yes, I have some ideas of my own.  After all, I am not like anyone else in this club, right? 
  • One Wednesday a month I would like to get out of our normal routine of meeting here and get out in the community—have our meeting at a nursing home, the schools (obviously not in the winter months), UNE, a local non-profit or business, etc.  Embrace the bag lunch if we need to and learn about the things happening in our community first-hand instead of through a speaker preaching at us. 
  • Another Wednesday a month, I would like to go “old school” and feature Classification Talks.  Some of my favorite meetings have been when we learn about our fellow Rotarians and the road that led them to where they are today.  Keep in mind this is not meant to be a crash course in fearful public speaking but rather giving a snapshot into things you are comfortable sharing – where you grew up, how many siblings tortured you along the way, did you go on to trade school or somehow graduate college despite the partying, do you have a family and work that keep you busy outside of our weekly meetings, etc. 
  • I’d like to take a look at how we can increase impact on some of the money we spend.  For example, we spend $7,000 on one day for Christmas gifts.  It’s a nice thing to do and it feels great that day but I’d like to do some follow-up and see how we can continue to help these families in need.
  • During my year there is also the 100th year anniversary of our club and the Bideford, England Club will come visit, as well as Rotary’s Bi-Centennial Year.  If I know anything, it is how to put on a hell of a good party so let’s make this year one to remember!   #BiddefordSacoRotary2020
I also want to increase membership and awareness of our good work in the community.  I’d like to bring back Fireside chats and mentors so new Rotarians feel engaged and involved but we also need to prove that service organizations are not dead yet!  It is important to expose the younger generation to the selfless feeling volunteering can provide them—through family-friendly service projects, working with the schools on projects or strengthening our connection with Interact and Rotaract students. 
I’m keeping committee assignments as they’ve been the last two years unless you speak up (thanks Conrad, Heather, Bill and more).  If you’re not sure what committees you’re on, just assume all of them.  No really, if you want to be involved, just speak up or stay after a club meeting when they gather and be part of it.  Anyone can jump in and be on any committee they want—PLEASE JUST SERVE!
In closing, my ultimate goal is to BE IMPACTFUL!  Rotary has most definitely had an impact on my life—through friendships I’ve made and service we’ve done together.  I want each of us to walk away from my year as President feeling like we made a significant impact on individuals, our community and the world.  We will all be better for reaching that goal together. 
Thank you for entrusting me as your next President.