Posted by Bill Kany on Sep 17, 2020
Fellow Club Members:
I had intended to attend our last meeting but was prevented by technology from tuning in.  I particularly wanted to attend to share a couple of thoughts about Past President, James Pastorelli, who recently passed away.

Jim was born on August 22, 1920, the same year our club was formed.  He joined our club in 1968.  When I went to my first Rotary meeting in 1987 in a smoke filled large room at the Colonial Hut in Biddeford (where the 7-11is today) Jim was the President.  Jim was a quiet leader among a group of very loud, larger than life men (no women in Rotary then) in a club with over 120 members.  Jim clearly had the respect of the club. By the time Jim served as President he was actually retired from the automobile business.  He was the founder of Coastal VW in Saco for any of you old enough to remember that dealership which is long gone.  He lived in Kennebunk with his wife of 61 years, Vernita.

If you read Jim’s obit you would know that Jim was a World War II vet and the recipient of two Bronze Stars.  He was a true hero.  I always found Jim to be a true gentleman who enjoyed a good laugh.

My favorite memory of Jim came from the 2019 Past President’s Day when Jim drove himself to the meeting at age 98, parked in lower parking lot and walked up to the meeting.  How cool was that?  Bob Begin and I sat across from Jim, and we talked a lot about the old club days.  I was not surprised to learn that Jim lived a couple of weeks after his 100th birthday.  They simply don’t make many people like Jim any more.

It was an honor to have been in the Club with him.
Thanks for reading this.   Bill