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Hi All
I’ve received a number of responses back from the survey Julie sent out regarding in person meetings or Zoom meetings. The opinion of members leans slightly to continue the Zoom meetings. Although the governor has begun to loosen regulations in the state the data indicates the number of cases has increased and I suspect as vacationers come back to Maine the numbers will increase. Unless anyone strongly objects I suggest we continue Zoom meetings until after Labor Day. 
President Don
Don Pilon
In addition, from the District Governor:
There is pressure from some to restart in-person Rotary meetings and activities.
The current official guidance from Rotary International is that there will not be any mandatory in-person Rotary meetings this calendar year.
The current advice from me is that it is too early – too high of a percentage of our membership is vulnerable, for a variety of reasons.
In any case, it is good for all of us in leadership positions, in and out of Rotary, to be familiar with our current state guidelines. These two websites update daily.
  1. Rotary Liability Insurance Will Exclude Covid-19
Here is a key takeaway from our Rotary International Risk Management Team’s Friday email; subject:  Risk Management.
“The general liability policy for U.S. Rotary clubs & districts effective 1 July 2020 excludes coverage for COVID-19 and other communicable diseases.”
That is a significant statement. Please consider this in your decision-making process re how your club will proceed going forward.