Posted by Kaitlin Tito on Aug 20, 2020
  • Meeting in the half hour immediately following club meetings may be more convenient
  • Meetings will be held every other week, at the new time, beginning September 2nd
  • Brian will include this info on the next tack and we will update the club at the next meeting
  • OOB is returning to school on a plan that is similar to Biddeford's
  • They will attend school 4 days/week in person (with Wednesdays off)
  • Schools should be fairly well equipped to ensure students are receiving enough to eat
  • Kids are nervous about returning to school - perhaps a mentorship program would be helpful
  • We may consider partnering with the police, fire department, nurses, etc. to address their fears with facts from professionals
  • The platform would be digital (possibly partner with existing organization such as Apex Youth Connection)
  • The goal is to create a safe space for children to voice their concerns
  • Conrad will set up a meeting to include Haley, Karen, and Jeremy for additional feedback
  • Conrad checking in with Alicia regarding pricing
  • Brenda can also have stickers printed if needed
  • Priority for hand sanitizer is given to veterans' homes and elder care facilities
  • Brenda contacted Ken regarding veterans' homes - he has requested 6 bottles
  • Rotary International program with indigenous peoples in Canada built bubble greenhouses - perhaps we could do same
  • We may wish to reach out to Saco community garden organizer for guidance
  • World War II Victory Garden pamphlets may also be helpful (Brian located one and emailed to the group)
  • Kaitlin will do some gardening research and report back at the next meeting
  • Apex Youth Connection supplemental food assistance ending mid-September