Hi everyone,
Here are the minutes from yesterday's meeting:
  • Interest seems to be waning - less frequent meetings may be better attended
  • We will reach out to earlier members in effort to increase participation
  • Subcommittee business can also be conducted via email when necessary
  • Next week's meeting is cancelled due to schedule conflicts
  • Meetings to resume on August 6, 2020
  • Brian will look into suppliers for thermometers
  • If thermometers can be sourced in adequate numbers, they will be donated to 3 school districts
  • Each school district to receive 6 thermometers
  • Conrad still working on sourcing the hand sanitizer for main street small businesses
  • Alicia should have an update on the labels within the next day or two
  • Melissa provided an update on the needs of the community - food continues to be an issue
  • Culturally appropriate (halal) food not readily available at food bank
  • Apex currently spending approximately $80-100 a week on supplemental food for area families
  • Conrad proposed donating $500 to Apex to be used for purchasing halal food until the end of summer
  • Motion seconded by Kaitlin, Brian also in favor (unanimous as only 4 members in attendance)
Have a great weekend!
Thank you,