Posted by Kaitlin Tito on Sep 30, 2020
  • Air purification units may be helpful for businesses that don't have HVAC systems with ducts
  • Jim Godbout can advise on best types of units for those who are interested
  • Update from OOB regarding gift certificates added to agenda
  • Marty donated 500 masks to Seeds of Hope and 500 to Bon Appetit
  • 10 bottles of hand sanitizer left (10 were donated to Vet 2 Vet on 9/30)
  • If anyone knows of any homeless children in Biddeford, Karen can provide gift certificates to purchase food
  • Some basic information has been acquired, but requires a professional for verification
  • The Master Gardener program at the University of Maine could be a valuable resource
  • They have instructions for growing backyard gardens (what to grow, when to grow, etc.)
  • There is the potential to partner up with Apex for an outdoor event in the spring, perhaps Earth Day
  • Apex is planning to build gardening boxes which will be donated to families in the community 
  • Kaitlin will reach out to the Master Gardener program for more information
  • Farmer's Daughter remains available as well for consultation and seeds/seedlings
  • Katie Brown joined the meeting to provide information about the program
  • They offer a monthly free farmer's market where kids can select produce for their families
  • The program is headquartered in Biddeford and very involved in Biddeford schools
  • They have transitioned to curbside delivery due to COVID and remain committed to serving the community throughout the pandemic
  • There has been an increase in need lately; senior citizens and others new to the program
  • 400 - 1,000 pre-filled boxes are donated every week
  • Outbuildings would be helpful as a place to assemble boxes more comfortably (and helps save on rent)
  • Mask donations would be appreciated
  • $500 worth of gift certificates were donated to OOB in May/an additional $500 in gift cards were purchased by OOB in August - these will be depleted by the end of the week
  • Biddeford donated theirs to the police department - Conrad will check in on their status
  • Don checking in with Saco City Manager regarding their gift card status
  • Brenda spoke with the Saco food pantry today and their numbers are going down
  • Volunteers may be needed to pick up donated items from Hannaford
Thank you,
Kaitlin Tito