Posted by Kaitlin Tito on Sep 16, 2020
  • Conrad spoke with Haley and Brenda regarding feasibility
  • There are many steps to setting up our own program - joining forces with another organization would make more sense for us
  • Support programs are already out there, and children will need mentors now more than ever
  • It's also a difficult time to ask teachers for their input (they are overwhelmed with the logistics of regular school needs)
  • Organizations to keep in mind: Apex Youth Connection, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Junior Achievement Biddeford-Saco (Melissa will check in with JA regarding their current needs)
  • Brenda will follow up with Karen today regarding Youth Full Maine
  • Thornton Academy food assistance program could also use some help
  • They do not receive any federal funding
  • The Headmaster's Student Assistance Fund provides food assistance as well as basic needs such as coats, shoes, or Internet access
  • It costs $1,200 a year for breakfast and lunch for one student
  • There are approximately 350 students in need this year (about 270 last year)
  • The annual auction was cancelled last year, which equals $125,000 in funding
  • Kaitlin motions to donate $1,000 to Thornton Academy, seconded by Marty
  • The motion carried - Haley will pass along necessary info to the subcommittee
  • The subcommittee awaits further details from Youth Full Maine regarding their current funding and needs
  • Kaitlin to send spreadsheet to Brenda detailing the subcommittee's efforts to date 
  • Haley to send info regarding headmaster's program to Brenda for press release
  • Garden discussion will be at the top of the agenda at the next meeting (9/30/20).
  • Brenda will call the food pantry to see if they could use some of our leftover hand sanitizer; Don talking to Seeds of Hope / Conrad checking with Vet 2 Vet 
  • Conrad reaching out to OOB schools and Big Brothers Big Sisters