Posted by Kaitlin Tito on Aug 07, 2020
  • Subcommittee attendance may be improved by holding meetings less frequently
  • A survey will be drafted by Kaitlin to evaluate members' scheduling needs
  • Conrad will distribute the survey to members with a letter
  • One option might be monthly Zoom meetings with email communication in between
  • Things will only become more complicated as schools re-open - efficiency is important
  • The next subcommittee meeting will take place on 8/20/20
  • Every teacher will receive 2 masks (high risk positions will receive shields as well)
  • New guidance states that all children 5 or older must wear masks
  • A hybrid plan is expected for high school students, K-8 planning for everyday in-person learning
  • New ventilation is being installed and student temperatures will be taken upon arrival
  • We will look into pricing for child and adult sized Rotary branded masks
  • The above information is related to Biddeford schools only - we are looking into Saco and OOB plans and procedures and will report back
  • Food insecurity is likely to continue to be an issue in the coming months
  • We may wish to prioritize food assistance over PPE, with a focus on sustainability
  • An educational program can be developed during the winter months, and seeds/plants donated in the spring
  • The subcommittee could also assist with distributing food in less mobile communities - tap into existing infrastructure
  • Paulette talking to Sandy regarding plan for fall food assistance program
  • Conrad will check in with OOB and Don will check in with Saco
  • Conrad received 36 bottles of hand sanitizer for main street businesses
  • A request for an update regarding stickers has been sent - if no response then Brenda can order some
  • Apex Youth Connection received the $500 check for food assistance
  • If any Rotary Club members have experience with gardening, Brenda will work with them to put together literature
  • The school board will have more information regarding the school year after their meeting on Tuesday
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