Posted by Kaitlin Tito on Nov 11, 2020
  • The subcommittee will donate a raised bed as an auction item
  • Typical size - 8' x 3', soil will be included
  • A description of the item and potentially a photograph will be provided for the auction
  • Don to take a photo of the garden at Pierson's Lane/Bacon in Biddeford - to be used for reference
  • We may want to include in description that local children are participating in the project
  • Becca in charge of gardening project at Apex - will be joining next subcommittee meeting
  • Ken looked at different grant applications and put together an application for this project
  • Eligibility requirements - space for garden, sunlight, permission to place garden on property
  • Gardens will be assembled on site with assistance from recipient
  • Ken will reach out to Guy Gagnon to discuss pre-authorization from Biddeford Housing Authority
  • We may want to have a lawyer take a look at the application as well
  • Youth Full Maine has good quality cardboard sheets we can use (to keep weeds out)
  • Melissa will contact Holly Collerton (community garden organizer) for input
  • Budget is $46/per garden, with 20 initially budgeted for
  • Everyone is OK with co-branding with Apex, working name is Family Garden Project
  • The proposed budget, application, and brochure are attached for reference
  • Youth Full Maine & Age Friendly Saco are holding food distribution event next week
  • They could use volunteers - Wednesday, 11/18 from 11-1 
  • Katie will send the details to Brian, to be sent to the rest of the club
  • Brenda's last email regarding the food pantry suggested sending reminder to club - Conrad will follow up with Brian
Thank you,
Kaitlin Tito