Posted by Kaitlin Tito on Oct 14, 2020
  • Volunteers are needed to pick-up donations from Shaw's/Hannaford - Friday mornings from 7 AM - 8 AM
  • Brenda can cover one slot, another volunteer is needed
  • Kaitlin will create sign-up sheet and send reminder email regarding food pantry volunteer opportunities
  • Food pantries could probably use additional masks
  • If we provide masks to the Saco Food Pantry before end of month they can be included in food packages for the elderly
  • Southern Maine Agency On Aging could likely use some as well - Kaitlin to ask which location is best to deliver to
  • CJ offered to deliver 100 masks to food pantry and will coordinate with Conrad accordingly
  • Non-profit, community centers/homes might also appreciate donations
  • Don checking with Saco tax assessor to identify locations of community homes
  • Youth Full Maine would like some masks as well
  • Don contacted city administrator of Saco and has not heard back yet
  • Conrad contacted city of Biddeford and is also waiting to hear back
  • Community meal distribution program is offering a meal program for Veteran's Day (11/11) and a Thanksgiving luncheon on 11/19
  • Golden Rooster is cooking both meals and Saco Valley Credit Union is sponsoring the Veteran's Day meal
  • A sponsor is still needed for the Thanksgiving meal, either to cover the whole bill or a portion ($500 - $1000)
  • Biddeford general assistance will contact us when they need additional gift certificates
  • At the next meeting we will discuss the possibility of funding Saco and OOB food programs
Thank you,
Kaitlin Tito