Posted by Kaitlin Tito on Apr 17, 2020
  • Conrad and Kaitlin will work together to outline and send out an agenda prior to meetings
  • Marty would like to look into donating to Seeds of Hope
  • Melissa spoke with Good Shepherd Food Bank - they are running low on food (budget OK but pasta, rice, beans, etc. are becoming difficult to find)
  • Don is interested in purchasing $40-50 Hannaford gift cards (with alcohol/tobacco/lottery ticket limitations) to keep on hand and give out as needed 
  • It was decided that food pantry money goes further but gift cards may be useful for items like diapers 
  • Don still has some hand sanitizer which Haley suggested re-packaging into smaller bottles
  • Conrad has a conflict on the 30th at 3 so we may need to move meeting up
  • Apex is in their third week of Friday afternoon care package distribution to local families
  • 58 packages last week / 80 packages this week
  • The packages include food, a physical activity, at home service project, and personal care product
  • Personal care products include soap/washcloth, shampoo, toothbrush/toothpaste
  • Parents have suggested that additional food donations would be appreciated
  • This week they are including pantry staples such as vegetables, broth, and rice
  • Program cost is about $600 per week and Melissa hopes to continue through summer
  • Apex has applied for various grants and should have decisions by Monday
  • Joe suggested a "stuff the bus" type food drive - set up outside of Market Basket and request a single item donation from each customer
  • Emergency funding ($150 proposed by CJ) considered by committee but we may be more helpful in assisting with long term sustainability
  • Conrad will send out action email if the program requires additional funding for next week 
  • Current budget is up to $5,000 without board approval ($1,000 spent so far)
  • A $500 check has been sent to Jim Godbout as partial reimbursement for his donations
  • Don met with the city of Saco regarding meals for seniors - we donated $500 to the program
  • Haley had 22 masks made for Volunteers of America. The masks have been distributed, as well as hand sanitizer.
  • Brenda communicated with Biddeford city manager, mayor, and emergency requests coordinator. They do not currently have any requests for assistance
  • Conrad has not heard back from OOB yet
  • CJ offered to contact Delilah at Heart of Biddeford to see if they know of any community needs
  • CJ also to check in with Don Bisson of Biddeford food pantry and looking into farmer co-ops for pricing
  • Brenda will reach out to Stone Soup and the Saco food pantry (general inquiry to assess needs)
  • Brian will continue to set up meetings with Marty's ID
  • Conrad will contact Lucie and Karen regarding Stuff the Bus contacts
Thank you,