Belated Observations from the Peanut Gallery

Posted by Bill Kany on Oct 03, 2018
            Okay,  so the Peanut Gallery has been on hiatus for a while.  The Gallery has a few belated and a few current observations to share.
            It was heartwarming to walk into the Tin Tin Buffet with Matt Simmons like we were walking into Cheers.  Every employee there yelled “Matt” and I walked by a table with a brass plague on the back of a chair saying reserved for Matt Simmons.  I just love celebrities. 
            Speaking of the Tin Tin Buffet, I am betting you are wondering where the name came from.  I did some research.  Apparently, the original name was the Rin Tin Tin Buffet and it was co-owned by, you guessed it, Rin Tin Tin.  You have to invest those residuals somewhere. That name stuck for a while, but then they had a German sausage night and the co-owner mysteriously disappeared so they shortened the name to Tin Tin Buffet.  Now you know.
            Ken Farley has announced that he is trying to recruit a celebrity guest for the beer festival, Brett Kavanaugh.  I could only imagine that throughout the Senate hearings Justice Kavanaugh had one of those thought bubbles over his head with Homer Simpson in it sighing “BEER”.  I kept waiting for his Dr. Seuss beer rhyme to come out.
            One Beer, two Beers, three Beers, four
             I love my beer until I hit the floor
             Five Beers, six Beers, seven Beers, more
            That hoppy flavor I do adore.
Stay tuned to see whether he shows up on October 20.
            Now I realize that Matt Simmons’ marketing life blood is contained in the Journal Weekend addition, a newspaper hurled in our driveway, run over by 1,000’s and read by dozens.  I am wondering if the Journal really thinks that putting its paper in a baggy and then throwing it on the ground really protects it from getting wet.  Short of hermetically sealing those bags, it seems to me that all the baggies do is hold in the water long enough to completely blur Matt’s face and insure that we will be taking the wet sack directly from the driveway to the trash can.  Sorry Matt, that means I missed your article on the benefits in investing in Pokémon cards.
            Finally, I have a social experiment I would like to try.  At the next meeting at Run of the Mill, some members should get to the meeting early and sit at the cool kids’ table.  I want to see how they react if they can’t sit there.  I love social chaos.
            That’s all the peanuts to be hurled right now.  Enjoy the rest of the week.
Biddeford-Saco Rotary Club