Annual Rotary Awards

Posted by Bill Kany on May 02, 2018
Final appeal!
Dear Members:  We are approaching the deadline for suggestions for award recipients.  I know that you all know people who are worthy of receiving our Private, Public, Vocational and Humanitarian Awards.  You know people who make a difference in the lives of others and who have not been recognized for it.  Unfortunately, you are keeping the identities of those wonderful people a secret. 
It is not like I am asking you to sell a ticket, solicit an item or even come to a meeting.  All I am asking you to do is email me with your ideas about people who do really nice things for our communities or the world.  You can stay in your pajamas to do this.
Seriously, the deadline is tomorrow.  Please give this some thought, and if you have not done so, send me a suggestion or two.  And to the four club members who have given the committee some suggestions, thank you.
Have a great week.  Bill
I know you are working on Prom solicitations, but believe it or not we are approaching the end of another Rotary year.  That means it is time for the Awards Committee to get together to select worthy recipients for the Club’s public sector, private sector, humanitarian and vocational awards. Included herewith is a description of each award and some past recipients of each award. What the committee needs from you are suggested award recipients in each category. I should point out that in almost every instance, the awards are given to people suggested to the committee by members of our club.
Please note that while award recipients are frequently members of our club, they do not have to be members.  In fact,  most of the time the recipients are not members of the club.  I would also point out that even if you do not have an idea for an award recipient for one particular category, please give us as many suggestions as you can for the other categories. We would appreciate it if you would get back to us as soon as possible with your suggestions. Awards day is tentatively scheduled for June 20, 2018. We do need to meet to ultimately decide on the award recipients and then the awards need to be ordered and engraved so please get your suggestions back to us by May 16.
If you have any questions regarding any of the award categories, please contact me (Bill S. Kany at 602-7381 or email me at or the other members of the committee, Joe Moreshead, and Keith Jacques.
Here are the award descriptions.  I have attached a list of the past recipients of each award.
The Private Sector Award is awarded to a citizen whose good works have been performed independently of their employment in the private sector. Recipients work for the public good, while being privately employed or not employed by a government or community entity. An example of a past recipient would be a building contractor who works towards helping the hungry through setting up a self-supporting meal program.
The Public Sector Award is awarded to a citizen who, in the course of their employment or funding, serves the public with government and/or public monies. Recipients are usually employed by a government agency, hold a political office, or have their good works funded in the course of their employment. An example of a past recipient would be a state senator who has worked towards promoting the good of the community.
The Humanitarian Award is awarded to a citizen, private or public, who has done exceptional work to further the good of humanity in the community. Past Recipients include a nurse who set up a hospice program in the area.
The Vocational Service Award is awarded to a citizen, private or public, who has done exceptional work to promote vocational education and vocational programs.
Public Sector Award Nominees
NAME(S)                                                                   Reason for Nomination
Private Sector Award Nominees
NAME(S)                                                                   Reason for Nomination
Humanitarian Award Nominees
NAME(S)                                                                   Reason for Nomination
Vocational Service Nominees
NAME(S)                                                                   Reason for Nomination
From Bill Kany
Private Sector:
1988 Tobie Nathanson
1989 Robert Melville
1990 A. William Kany, Jr.
1991 Myra Van Fleet
1992 Conrad Crepeau
1993 Dennis Flaherty
1994 David Lowe
1995 Robert Provencher
1996 Andy Michaud
1997 Edward Caron
1998 Ester Emmons
1999 Rene Fredette
2000 John Wasileski
2001 Carrie Shaw
2002 Alan Nelson
2003 Joe Grondin
2004 Lou Chantigny
2005 Curtis & Sonya Gerry
2006 Wayne A. Sherman
2007 Kevin Savage
2008 Robert H. Begin
2009 Roland Eon
2010 Robert Nichols
2011 William Douglas Sanford
2012 John Andrews
2013 Paul Remmes
2014 Leo P. Menard, Jr.
2015  Leon Chick
2016 Andy Greif
2017 The Esther Residence
Public Sector:
1988 Joan Susi
1989 Clayton Cartmill
1990 Dennis Dutremble
1991 Robert G.Dodge
1992 Debra Choroszy
1993 Ellen Dunton
1994 Bryce Milne
1995 Dr. Thomas H. Reynolds
1996 Rebecca Dyer
1997 Donna Dion
1998 Tom Lizotte
1999 William Soucy
2000 Roland “Ron” Michaud
2001 Carl J. Stasio, Jr.
2002 Dick Tryon
2003 Gen. Wallace H. Nutting
2004 William Johnson
2005 Mark Johnston
2006 Renee S. O’Neil
2007 Sherry Sabo
2008 Eric Cote
2009 Carl Walsh
2010 Senator Barry Hobbins
2011 Chief John Duross
2012 Jerry Lapierre
2013 Roger Beaupre
2014 Carlton D. Pendleton
2015  Michael Tremblay
2016  Alan Casavant
2017 Bill Paterson
1988 Richard Nason
1989 Dr. Andre Fortier
1992 Agnes Flaherty
1994 Dr. Francis J. Kleeman
1995 Donald W. Charland
1996 Rita Riley, Dick Lagarde
1997 David Beattie
1998 Roger Coulombe
1999 Tony Gatti
2000 Ruth Anderson
2001 James Audiffred
2002 Mary’s Walk
2003 Roland Gagne
2004 Thomas Haley
2005 Leon Tranchemontagne
2006 Father Reynald Labarre
2007 David & Carolyn Flood
2008 Andy Greif
2009 Burton Howe
2010 Julie Villemaire
2011 Rick LaChance
2012 David Lowe
2013 Phillip Dennison
2014 Paul Deschambault
2015  Dennis P. Robillard
2016  James Godbout
2017 Jim McAllister
Vocational Service Award:
2000 Carl Goodwin
2001 A. William Kany, Jr.
2002 Ron Gagnon
2003 Steven Foran
2004 Frank Paul
2005 Wayne Hapgood
2006 Dr. John Fitzsimmons
2007 Arthur R. Willey
2008 James McAllister
2009 James Godbout
2010 Denis Elie
2011 Mark Boissonneault
2012 Officer Jeffrey A. Cook
2013 Joseph Moreshead
2014 Marcel Bertrand
2015  Kenneth Crepeau
2016  Thornton Academy
2017  Biddeford City Council
Goodwin Outstanding Service Award
2007 Carl and Earl Goodwin
2008 Richard Buffum
2009 David Lowe
2010 Robert Begin
2011 Roland M. Eon
2012 Roland P. Gagne
2013 Helene Plourde
2014 Julie Villemaire
2015 Jim McAllister
2016 Paul H. Deschambault
2017 Karen Chasse
Biddeford-Saco Rotary Club