Posted by Karen Chasse on Oct 29, 2019
Hello Rotarians,
The $100 Raffle night has been set for Wednesday, December 4th, 5-7pm at Duffy's in Old Orchard Beach.  It will take the place of our regular club meeting for that week so please mark your calendar and attend if you can.    This only leaves you TWO WEEKS to sell them before the event!  Please consider this  as my plea to start asking your family and friends now (and collect the money while they are in a Turkey coma).  
The $100 Raffle tickets were distributed at this Wednesday's meeting.  For those who weren't in attendance, please email me or text me ASAP so we can arrange a drop-off/pick-up.  We only have two weeks to sell the tickets as the drawing is on Wednesday, December 4th at 5pm at Duffy's in OOB (no noontime meeting that day).
I have extra tickets if you need any and will have a more accurate count at next week's meeting in which I will start having anxiety for those not yet sold.  Also, I need ticket #173 and I must've accidentally placed it in someone's envelope.  Can you look and let me know if you have it?
The club's expectation is that every Rotarian will sell (or buy) at least one ticket.  I guarantee you all have at least one friend, co-worker, or stranger you can split a ticket with so please make an effort to support our club. We use these funds to support Charitable requests and we cannot do all that we do without this fundraiser.
Thank you,
Karen and Kaitlin