Posted by Susan Gajewski on Sep 18, 2020
100th Anniversary Planning Meeting Minutes (Zoom)
September 18, 2020 at 2pm
Attending:  Roland Gagne, Susan Gajewski, Conrad Welzel, Don Pilon, Fausto Pifferrer, Brenda Pollock
Event Date/Timing
Dates set at River Winds for July 13/14.
100th Celebration on Tuesday evening and our Rotary meeting there on Wednesday at noon.
Proposed:  Tuesday evening meeting and Wednesday afternoon event.
We’ve already paid the $2,000 to River Winds. The facility has most of the items we need to host the event.
July 13 & 14th was selected as it is a better date to accommodate our sister club.
Hosting Dates:  July 12 – 18th, 2020
Brenda, Susan, Don, Roland, Marty, Paul, have committed to hosting. Conrad will check with Dr. Joe, Jim G. and will check his availability.
We are looking to host up to 10 couples during this week. We’ve budgeted $5,000 for hosting visiting Rotarians.
Paulette is offering the school of technology 15-passenger van for the week. Sue will look into insurance policies we may require for the week.
We discussed the following activities for our out of town guests: Freeport/LL Bean, Botanical Gardens, Rachel Carson Bird Preserve, tour of the Biddeford Mills, traditional lobster bake, possibly at Brian’s house, sailing aboard L’Attitude (Brenda’s boat), Casco Bay Ferry tour. Possibly the Freedom Trail. We will continue to explore other opportunities.
Also discussed were VIP Coach Tours to sponsors a trip. Sunset tour on sailboat out of Portland. Cruise on Long Lake. Kennebunk to view the president’s house.  Media event with our visiting guests and speaking with city officials about presenting a key to the city.
Invitations and tickets will need to be printed.  Ticket prices will remain at $25 each for the celebration. Four Rotarians have already purchased tickets.  We talked about inviting past and present district governors, officials, friends of Rotary, other clubs and dignitaries.  Special recognition for Ron Drouin, PDG.
Invitations will also be extended to Canadian Rotarians and Dignitaries.
Fausto has agreed to donate food for the event. We will have heavy appetizers all evening. There will be a cash bar.
Once the visiting guest list is confirmed, Fausto will research native foods to incorporate into our menu for the event. 
Don budgeted $25,000 income for this event with $10,000 budgeted for expenses ($5k for Gala and $5k for Visitor expenses).
We discussed a live auction versus a silent auction and the feeling is that a silent auction would be preferable. Due to the uncertainty of this pandemic, we will reopen this topic for further discussion early next year. 
Next Meeting
The next Zoom meeting is scheduled for Friday, September 25th at 2 pm. Roland will send a Zoom invitation to all interested in being on the committee.