168 Saco Ave
Old Orchard Beach, ME  04064
United States of America
Hello Rotarians,
The $100 Raffle night has been set for Wednesday, December 4th, 5-7pm at Duffy's in Old Orchard Beach.  It will take the place of our regular club meeting for that week so please mark your calendar and attend if you can.  Tickets are being printed, then sorted and will be distributed on Wednesday, November 13th.  This only leaves you TWO WEEKS to sell them before the event!  Please consider this email as my plea to start asking your family and friends now (and collect the money while they are in a Turkey coma).  
The Excel spreadsheet (and PDF) from last year's sales is sent by email if you would like to see who you sold to.  If there is a member no longer in our club, I will reassign their tickets to new Rotarians or any Rotarian who sells less than three tickets to ensure I am spreading the pain evenly.  :)
Thank you,
Karen and Kaitlin