ROTARIANS  are a worldwide charitable society made up of 1.4 million business and professional people.
Earl A. Goodwin KINDNESS in the COMMUNITY DAY - Program Touches the Hearts of All.
Goodwin Kindness Program Wins Grant for the Biddeford-Saco Rotary Club
Biddeford | Saco - As a Rotarian, Earl A. Goodwin set the bar high in giving and kindness, Earl joined the Rotary Club of Biddeford-Saco in 1971 and was elected President of the Club in 1976.  A devoted Rotarian, Earl made it his goal to raise money through Rotary and help those less fortunate in our communities. The news of his passing on August 2, 2022, Rotarians of the Club realized  that they owe a debt of gratitude to Earl. Earl’s commitment to giving continued as his wishes were in lieu of flowers, contributions be made to the Rotary Club of Biddeford-Saco. The Club received more than nine-thousand dollars for the Earl A. Goodwin memorial fund.  Past President, Brenda Pollock commented, “We put these funds to use in a way that Earl’s would have and created The Earl A. Goodwin Kindness in the Community Day”.  The Club formed a committee, created a logo, instituted a fun program, and reached out to the community focusing on seniors, veterans, and children. The result, random acts of kindness bestowed upon citizens in our community ranging from grocery gift cards, a colossal amount of diapers for the diaper bank, lunch with veterans, Christmas gifts for seniors in the local nursing homes, to most recently, creating a movie night for more than 300 refugees complete with pizza, popcorn, and snow cones.
Club President Paulette Bonneau recognized the impact Goodwin Kindness Days had not only in the community, but for Rotarians. “There’s a lasting effect on Rotarians to see the result of their efforts in these small but significant acts of kindness”, she said. “When the Rotary District Grants became available, I knew this was a program Rotary should continue indefinitely. The more funds we have, the greater impact we will make”.
Paulette was successful in her request for funding and received an additional $3,098 to add to the program. “We continue to receive donations in Earl’s honor for this program on our website. It is a true testament to the legacy he left in the community”. The Club has also organized a group who are working on further honoring Earl for his love of hockey and the community at the Biddeford Ice Arena.  He made is a focal point to welcome high school athletics, and for families who came from across the state and frequented the facility.
To lean more about The Earl A. Goodwin Kindness in the Community program or to make a contribution, visit: or mail your contribution to The Rotary Club of Biddeford-Saco | PO Box 298 | Saco, ME 04072 | Kindly add EAG Kindness  in the memo area of your check. Thank you.  
Rotarians Gather to Celebrate 103 Years of Rotary Service
The Rotary Club of Biddeford-Saco commemorated the change of leadership for the 103 year old organization. Only the fifth woman to serve as club president, Brenda Pollock passed the presidential gavel on to Paulette Bonneau. In her final address as president to her fellow Rotarians, Pollock said, “This I have learned over the past twelve-months. Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed Rotarians can change the peoples’ lives, communities, and our world.”

“It is clear to me that the day I joined the Rotary Club of Biddeford-Saco,” Pollock stated, “was the day I took my first step down a different path in life - a path of greater connection, greater satisfaction, and a deeper sense of purpose. This is a changing world, and we must be prepared to change with it. The story of the Rotary Club of Biddeford-Saco will have to be written again and again and again. It is my great honor to pass the gavel on to an amazing leader who will write the next chapter for this incredible organization, Paulette Bonneau.”

Bonneau, the director of the Center of Technology at Biddeford High School, said, “ It is my goal this year to create hope in our communities. We understand that challenging times can test our resilience, but it is during these times that the power of service truly shines.  We will strive to create opportunities for community engagement, support our youth, veterans, and elders, promote mental health and healthy living habits, and celebrate our club's rich history and future.”
My fellow Rotarians, As I think back on these last 12 months, so many events and experiences are simply impossible to capture; they could not effectively be conveyed in simply images or words. This I have learned over this time, never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed Rotarians can change the lives, communities, and our world.
I am prouder than ever to be part of this great organization: one that makes the world not poorer, but richer with service events such as Earl A Goodwin Kindness in the Community Day that had Rotarians shopping, and delivering gifts valued at more than $9,000 to hundreds of  local children, seniors and veterans. We replaced despair with hope through our Adopt A Family Christmas program that jumped from shopping for 80 children last year to 156 children this year. Our Club paid out  $6,782 but Rotarians spent well above that to ensure no child was left without gifts under the tree. We donated another $9,810 as part of our community Charitable Giving efforts this year for so many folks who fall through the cracks and have now where else to turn. $1006 was spent for Company B Veterans and we hope to expand this giving in the coming year.
Under the leadership of Jim Godbout, $25,000 was donated to the My Place Teen Center in Biddeford. We learn from 8th grade students each year for the 28th Annual Essay Contest: What the Word Family Means to Me. We donated $2,250 as prize money for the winners and the top three students from each school receive matching funds they donated to charity of their choice.
Our Club can be proud of the 100% participation of the Rotary Foundation. $7,475 was donated by Rotarians, our club match of $2,525, and a last minute contribution for $125, making our donation to the foundation this year $10,000. Donations to Rotary International support a wide variety of projects, scholarships, and training that Rotary members are doing around the world. They offer several resources to help us take full advantage of grant opportunities. Paulette submitted a District Grant for the Earl A Goodwin Kindness in the Community Day, and I will be working with local Rotary Clubs to apply for a Disaster Relief Grant for our Rotary family in Ukraine.
With the help of the UNE Rotaract Club, we raised $1860 for Polio Plus - a gift to so many, while allowing each of us to Be a Gift to our communities and the world. Rotary has been working to eradicate polio for more than 35 years. Our goal of ridding the world of this disease is closer than ever. Rotary is committed to raising $50 million per year over the next three years, with every dollar to be matched with two additional dollars from the Gates Foundation. This expanded agreement will translate into $450 million to support the Global Polio Eradication Initiative.
To serve as president of this Rotary Club is an enormous undertaking, one that cannot be truly conveyed in words. A thousand images will forever live in my mind, a thousand recollections, a thousand emotions. Together, they show the bright and glorious work done by the hands of all Rotarians.
Thank you to my family: David - I asked for a year of understanding so I could dedicate my free time to Rotary. Thank you. Emily, whether you realize it or not… you’re just like me. Thank you for helping me out in the background whenever you sensed I was overwhelmed. Maddie, you’re already a leader, and so much like your mom, which means you’re just like me. Our trio is a force to be reckoned with. And Hunter. I love you more than a California Sunset.
It is clear to me that the day I joined the Rotary Club of Biddeford-Saco was a day I took my first step down a different path in life – a path of greater connection, greater satisfaction, with a deeper sense of fulfillment and purpose. This is a changing world; we must be prepared to change with it. The story of the Rotary Club of Biddeford-Saco will have to be written again and again and again.  It is my great honor to pass the gavel on to an amazing leader who will write the next chapter for this incredible organization. Please help me welcome, your next Club President, Paulette Bonneau.
Former Speaker of the House, Ryan Fecteau, Awarded ROTARY'S VOCATIONAL SERVICE AWARD
The Vocational Service Award is awarded to an individual, private or public, who has done exceptional work to promote vocational education and vocational programs. Past Winners are: 2017 Biddeford City Council; 2018 Kristy Kendrick; 2019 Jeremy Ray; 2021 Paulette Bonneau; 2022 Tracey Collins.
Over the years you have heard many stories of individuals giving of their time and expertise to improve the vocational experience of students primarily at the Biddeford Regional Center of Technology. Our honorees have helped promote the curriculum, guide students or shepherd the entire program for the benefit of our area.
The reality is that you do not have these stellar programs without funding and without recognition and support from our governmental leaders. My father knew all too well that for years, and perhaps even now, vocational education was often the forgotten stepchild of secondary and post-secondary education in Maine. When my Dad led to effort to bring a technical college to York County he met with significant resistance if not a blank look of why? We all know the importance of educating young people to enter the trades and many other skilled positions so badly needed these days, but again it takes funding and support from the top.
This year’s recipient of our vocational award recognized at a very young age that Maine’s technology and career schools had not had a state-wide infusion of funding for capital improvements since 1998. He recognized that you cannot train our next generation of machinists on equipment used by workers two generations before. As a leader in the Maine legislature this individual shepherded through legislation which provided badly needed funding for career and technical education in Maine. In doing so he stated: This investment is long overdue, because these 29 schools prepare the next generation of our workforce and give them the tools and training, they need to succeed.”
As the youngest speaker of the House in Maine history and the youngest in the country this gentleman not only supported workforce training, but he promoted education at all levels to ensure that Maine continues to be a great place to work and raise a family. He also worked to increase our housing stock in Maine to help begin to address the need for affordable housing so our children and grandchildren can afford to stay in our great state. This year’s Biddeford Saco Rotary Club Vocational Service Award was presented to former Speaker of the House, Ryan Fecteau.
Photo (L-R) Brenda Pollock, Ryan Fecteau, Bill Kany
Bonita Pothier Recognized with the ROTARY PUBLIC SECTOR AWARD
The Public Sector Award is awarded to a person who, in the course of their employment or funding, serves the public with government and/or public monies. Recipients are usually employed by a government agency, hold a political office, or have their good works publicly funded. An example of a past recipient would be a state senator who has worked towards promoting the good of the community. Recent Past Winners include: 2017 Bill Paterson;  2018 Robert F. MacKenzie; 2019 Martha Jacques; 2021 Amelia Meier; 2022 Jean Saunders.
Fortunately, for all of us who live in this area, this year’s Public Sector Award winner was not deterred by the prejudices and perceived norms of her time, and she took on the role of President of the Chamber of Commerce as a Franco-American mother. She was willing to run for the Mayor of Biddeford when no woman had come before her in that position, and as mayor she started the work of bringing Biddeford back. When a past President of our club, Dick Martin, told her women would be let into our club over his dead body she persevered and eventually joined the Saco Bay Club.
She went to work at KeyBank, yet another old banking institution controlled by a bunch of old white men and rose in the ranks while never forgetting to make sure that KeyBank served the communities in which it was located. And in 2012 we were all fortunate that Senator Angus King recruited her to serve as part of his regional Maine staff. In all of that time and with all of that service, she remained true to her Franco American heritage, and to her strong belief in the importance of families. Her recent or impeding retirement will leave a big public service hole for our area and the loss of a local voice in national politics. For her commitment to breaking down barriers and serving the people of Biddeford, Saco and the entire State of Maine, this year’s Public Sector Award winner is Bonnie Pothier.
Photo (L-R) Bonnie Pothier, Bill Kany
PRIVATE SECTOR AWARD Presented to Rotarian Mark Nahorney
The Private Sector Award is awarded to a person whose good works has been performed independently of their employment, usually in the private sector. Recipients work for the public good, usually outside of their employment. An example of a past recipient would be a building contractor who works towards helping the hungry through setting up a self-supporting meal program. Recent past winners of this award include: 2017 The Esther Residence; 2018 Laurie Bruce;  2019 Tammy Ackerman; 2021 Anne Marie Rousselle; and in 2022 Eric Purvis.
Stephen Sondheim once said: “All the best performers bring to their role something more, something different than what the author put on paper. That’s what makes theatre live. That’s why it persists.” That quote does so much to describe this year’s Private Sector Award winner. This person took a passion for theater and turned his role into so much more. He has worked tirelessly to ensure that Biddeford City Theater continues to thrive as a source of entertainment for all while continuing to make the theater one of the key engines behind the resurgence of downtown Biddeford.  Whether on the stage, backstage, fixing things or promoting the theatre, he is constantly working to make our theater live and persist. For his ability to harness his passion to continue to make Biddeford City Theatre a smash hit this year’s Private Sector Award was presented to a member of their club, Mark Nahorney.
Photo (L-R) Mark Nahorney Bill Kany
Pam Mohlin Accepts the HUMANITARIAN AWARD for the First Parish Church
The Humanitarian Award is awarded to a person or organization, private or public, who or which has done exceptional work to further the good of humanity in the community. Past Winners include: 2017 Jim McAllister; 2018 Reverend Shirley Bowen; 2019 Elaine Fournier; 2021 Conrad Welzel; 2022 Delilah Poupore.
How many times do we read a news story in the paper or see something on the TV news, and we say to ourselves someone should really do something about that? How many times do we see a piece of paper on the sidewalk, and we say someone should really pick that up. True community leaders, and perhaps, true local heroes are those who see the need and actually do something about it.
This year’s Humanitarian Award Winner saw a need that was simply not being fulfilled in our area and stepped up in a big way to help. If one out of three families with children need food, there are food pantries and government programs designed to help with food insecurity. If children have medical needs, there are resources to help. However, there are no broad based programs to help struggling families and to preserve the health of babies when it comes to diapers. At the average cost of $80 to $100 per month per child, diapers are expensive, but trying to stretch the use of diapers is a clear health risk for babies. A small group in Saco could have seen the need and sympathized, but instead they recognized the need and gathered together to make Saco’s diaper bank in the First Parish Congregational Church a reality. A reality that distributed 85,000 diapers to families in 2022.
For seeing a problem and acting in such a big way this year’s Biddeford Saco Rotary Club Humanitarian Award goes to the Saco Diaper Bank, First Parish Church. Pam Mohlin accepted the award.
Photo: Pam Mohlin.
As many of you know, back in 2007 our Club decided to honor all of the dedication and contributions of Carl and Earl Goodwin by creating an award in their honor. In my opinion it is truly the highest honor our club can give to one of its past or present members. Based on the significance of the award the names of all Past Winners are:
2007 Carl and Earl Goodwin; 2008 Richard Buffum; 2009 David Lowe; 2010 Robert Begin; 2011 Roland M. Eon; 2012 Roland P. Gagne; 2013 Helene Plourde; 2014 Julie Villemaire; 2015 Jim McAllister; 2016 Paul H. Deschambault; 2017 Karen Chasse; 2018 Jim Godbout; 2019 PDG Ronald Drouin; 2021 Joe Moreshead; 2022 Conrad Welzel.
Kany commented, “You know, before I get into the Goodwin Award, I would be remiss if I did not digress for a moment. I have been in this club since 1986. I have had the privilege of working with and for many outstanding leaders in our club over the last 4 decades. This area is truly blessed to have many great people who care about others and care about our communities and who are willing to commit their time to help this incredible club do wonderful things. However, I can only think of one past president who came even close to the time, energy, thoughtful leadership and fun that Brenda Pollock infused into our club.” He went on to highlight the time she spent writing the Tack, leading our meetings, insuring we were having fun, creating Goodwin Service Days and pulling off the Open World program that was second to none. “It is frequently easy to forget we are Rotary International, but after the visit from the Ukrainians none of us will ever forget what RI stands for,” added Kany. This year’s Goodwin Outstanding Service Award was awarded to Brenda Pollock.
Paul Harris Fellowship Award  It is said that on Feb. 23, 1905, three men got together for fellowship and that was the first Rotary meeting ever. Of course, one of those three men was Paul Harris who went on to create what became Rotary International. Unfortunately, Harris passed away in1947. He asked that in lieu of flowers people donate to the Rotary Foundation. Upon hearing of his death, Rotary created the Paul Harris Memorial Fund which eventually included awards given in Harris’ name. Paul
Harris Awards are arguably the highest distinction that can be given to people by Rotary. Our Club has had a practice of recognizing deserving members and non-members for their work in and outside the Club. Each past Paul Harris recipient has been very worthy and this year we have two more equally notable winners of the award.
Our first Paul Harris recipient is someone who is kind of a shrinking violet though she really started to blossom as a Rotarian this year supporting President Brenda with her Goodwin Service Day events. However, it is perhaps the causes she takes on outside the Club that distinguish her as someone who cares about her community and the people around her. Whether it is raising money for the Esther House or serving on their board or being a part of the 100 Women Who
Care in Southern Maine she clearly has a big heart which she is willing to share repeatedly showing up to help out wherever needed.
This year’s first Paul Harris Award went to Cynthia Giroux.
Gilda Radner said: “Comedy is very controlling – you are making people laugh.” If that is true this Rotarian is a control freak. His very clever sense of humor has everyone chuckling hours after a meeting, and his quiet wise cracks in the back of the room can make everyone laugh out loud. But beyond his humor and incredible dance moves, this individual quietly does a great deal for our club while also injecting vitality and credibility back into our communities through
his leadership of the Biddeford Saco Chamber of Commerce. Based on helping to fulfill Brenda’s goal of making Rotary fun, and for all that he does for the club and outside the club.
The second Paul Harris Award was presented to Jim Labelle.

President's Awards

I'm so proud of what we do! Congratulations Rotarians! Please join me in celebrating those who helped make 2022-223 a productive year and a year of renewed fellowship.
  • ACE of INITIATIVE Presented to Fausto Anthony Pifferrer
  • BOARD MEMBER of the YEAR Presented to Susan Gajewski
  • CONSIDER IT DONE Presented to Conrad Welzel
  • KEY CONTRIBUTOR Presented to Kathy Shea
  • LEADERSHIP AWARD Presented to Paulette Bonneau
  • MAKING A DIFFERENCE Presented to Paul Deschambault
  • PRESIDENT'S AWARD Presented to Bill Kany
  • QUIET ROTARIAN Presented to Julie Villemaire
  • RISING STAR Presented to Jane Foley
  • ROTARIAN of the YEAR Presented to Bill Paterson
  • WORLD CHANGER of the YEAR Presented to Jen Fullmer


28th ANNUAL ROTARY ESSAY CONTEST            See the story HERE

Ukraine Delegation Tours the University of New England - Biddeford Campus

Read the UNE News Article HERE
Who Qualifies to be a Rotarian?
The right person for Rotary is an
open-minded, honest, generous
person with leadership qualities,
who is prepared to share their
professional knowledge and abilities with others.
Club Donates to Children's Cardiac Program in Amman, Jordan 
Our Club is honored to have contributed funds to this campaign supported by the GIFT of LIFE Association, GOLA, in collaboration with the LONDON CHAIN of HOPE Society, COH. They provide open heart operations for children with heart deformities in the Khaledi Hospital in Amman, Jordan.
Rotary Selects New Theme
Rotary International President-elect R. Gordon R. McInally has called for members to capture the world's attention and lead the way towards possibilities far beyond our current expectations. During the Rotary International Assembly in Orlando, Florida, McInally revealed the 2023-24 presidential theme: "Create Hope in the World".
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Earl A. Goodwin's KINDNESS in the COMMUNITY Day!  
The Rotarians of the Biddeford-Saco Rotary Club are honored to have spread lots of KINDNESS in the COMMUNITY DAY on December 7, 2022 and again on March 8, 2023!  Rotarians selected a KINDNESS TASK envelope and headed out into the community fulfill an ACT OF KINDNESS in the name of Earl Goodwin.
In Rotary fashion, it is no surprise that Earl choose to give back to Rotary when he passed. In lieu of flowers, he and his wife Stasia, have requested donations be made in Earl's name to the Rotary Club of Biddeford-Saco's Charitable Giving Fund.  Donations can be made to The Earl A. Goodwin Memorial Fund and mailed to The Rotary Club of Biddeford-Saco, PO Box 298, Saco, ME 04072.
Anyone wishing to contribute to the Earl A. Goodwin Charitable Fund may send their contribution to the Biddeford-Saco Rotary Club, PO Box 298, Saco, ME 04072. Thank you. 



CLYNK bags are available at Whimsical Me on Main Street Saco. Stop into Heather’s store to pick-up several bags. Drop your bags off at the CLYNK DEPOSITORY In the Hannaford Shopping Center. Scan the bag tag on the outside of the door and place the bag inside  Help us support Roland Gagne’s school in Kenya. A few cans and bottles goes a long way to improve the lives of these children. Let’s fulfill our commitment. .
Thank you



Our Club is in first place of 10 Rotary Clubs who participate in this program!  But Saco Bay is gaining on us.

Rotary Club of Biddeford Saco


Total Raised


Containers CLYNKed


Saved enough energy to light 80.2 lightbulbs—24 hours a day—for a year.

Saved the emissions equivalent of driving a car 15,188 miles.

Diverted enough containers to fill 584 lobster traps.

 Fill up those green bags.  If you need more bags and/or labels, just let Julie Villemaire know and she can hook you up…no charge!

Simple fill with returnables and drop off at any Hannaford.

Alternately, if you already have a CLYNK account of your own, you can designate you funds as a donation.  Hit the Donate button and search for Rotary and you'll find our account.


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