Posted by Gayle Demko on Dec 17, 2018
BOARD MEETING – General Minutes
October 16, 2018
The Tavern – 4:30 pm
Meeting Called to Order 4:35 p.m.
Board Members Present: Richard Kisiel, Jack Muska, Gail Hanley, Gayle Demko, Don Rawling, Charles Roumas, Joe Kozloski and Ken Pascoe
Secretary’s Report:
Rotary Club Meeting Minutes of September 11, 2018 were not read, but were forwarded to board members following the meeting to be reviewed at next meeting.
Treasurer’s Report:
Jack provided the monthly financial report, with the following balance as of Sept 31, 2018:
Operations:     $4358
Old Business:
  • Lobster/Steak Dinner – Oct 9; next year a new menu may be pursued due to pricing of lobster and quality of steak.  It is a wonderful event social event for our club!
  • Formation of Roteract Club – If we have sufficient interest, this could go forward.  Currently all interested prospects should join the established club.
  • Foundation Dinner – Jay Presser and Nancy Viggiano and their spouses will attend the Nov 1 dinner and accept the award on the behalf of our club.
  • District Leadership Training Nov 10 – Gayle and Charles will attend Session III training.
New Business:
  • Board Vacancies:  Dick will announce availability of openings on the 2019 board at the general meeting tonight. New slate of officers should be presented Dec 11 meeting.  Charles is moving and unavailable for a board position next year.
  • 2018-2019 Officer and Board elections:  Dick will review the by-laws.
  • Holiday Party: Fellowship Committee will schedule, any suggestions regarding location and entertainment should be expressed asap.
Club Member Forum:
No one from the club approached the Board.
Next Meeting Date: November 13, 2018 at 4:45 pm at Suffield by the River.
Motion by Ken to adjourn at 5:22, seconded by Charles, which passed unanimously.
October 16, 2018
The Tavern
Call the Meeting to Order at 5:22 pm
Secretary’s Report: Foundation Meeting Minutes of September 11 will be sent out this evening and will be reviewed at next meeting.
Treasurer’s Report accepted with the following balance as of Sept 31, 2018:
Foundation:                                                $28,486
Morgan Stanley-Managed Funds:                 $155,598
Old Business:
Town Wide Project – Consideration of working with FOFAH to accomplish a yearly project and with Parks and Rec focusing upon maintenance of the trails at Sunrise Park and Bruce Park.  The playground at Sunrise Park will also be considered as Peter Leclerc recommended.  Jack will follow up with Mark Servione to discuss the details of pursuing these opportunities.  The funds for the current FOFAH project will be again presented to the general membership for official vote.
Jackie Guzie- new job very time consuming and she will be considered as a leave of absence status for the next six months.
New Business:
Availability of District Grants –
  • To qualify two people from our club need to register and attend a webinar each year which is scheduled in the Spring
  • Typically $5000 is the grant amount sought.
Club Member Forum
No one from the club approached the Board
Next Meeting Date:  October 16 at 5:00 pm
Motion by Don to adjourn at 5:45, seconded by Gayle, which passed unanimously.