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Friday November the 13th Rich Sattizahn, Martha Diss Sundby, Georgia and Mel Grusing, Patrick Plank, Mike Hitchcock, David Wood, Egbert Maben, Bill Curnow and Danchen and Dan Astle volunteered at Metro Caring Provisioning Center.  The eleven Rotarians repackaged 1,880 lbs of dry foods.  Enough for 1,200 families to get some of the food we processed.  Team Curnow and Mabens lead the way by repackaging 800 pounds of beans.  This is a projected that the Denver Cherry Creek Rotary Club is heading up through the Covid crisis.  They need 80 volunteers a week.  If you would like to work a shift or know of somebody may be a high school student that is required to do service hours you can click on this link to sign-up
On Wednesday Nov.11 Cliff Dochterman responded to Rich Sattizahn's letter to Cliff to save-the-date for our 50th Anniversary party. 
Good morning, Rich,
What a pleasant greeting it was to receive your e-mail this morning.  It seems almost impossible that nearly 50 years have passed since we chartered University Hills Rotary.
I recall quite well moving to Denver in 1970. Our office (Education Commission of the States) was located in the Lincoln Building around the corner from the Brown Palace Hotel.  I came from Berkeley  where I had been President of Berkeley Rotary and District Governor of Rotary District 5160.   Peter Bowes was President of Denver Rotary and I occasionally attended the big Denver Rotary Club. (I'm sure that I would sit in someone' s seat where he had sat for the past 25 years.)  Peter asked me to speak to a meeting of a group of fellows who were trying to organize another Rotary Club in the Southeast section of Denver.  The Denver Club leaders had always insisted that there should be only one Rotary Club in Denver.  So, it was not an easy thing to consider that a second club could be organized, or even considered.
After I spoke to the provisional group, they asked if I would be a member and president of the new club and help them get started, since I  lived in that part of Denver.   I said, " I have no intention to join a rinky-dink Rotary Club. However, If you want to be the best Rotary Club in the world, I'll be your President and tell you how to do it.  First, you must get approval of the Denver Club, and they had turned down the idea of a second club many times. To get Denver's approval, I suggested we make three commitments:
1. That you  not  use the name of Denver in the Club's name.  (That's why we used the name of University Hills Post Office station to identify that section of the city,)
2. That no members of the Denver Club would be asked to join the new Club nor take any members away from the Denver Club.
3. That the members would all live in the Southeast section of Denver.
Then I called some friends at the Rotary Office in Evanston and urged them to approve the new Club right away, since there had been a desire by Rotary International for many years  to have a second club in the Denver community.
We had a huge Charter Night celebration and gave the Denver Club all the praise for starting the new Club.
Then we started to get everyone involved in some club activities. Nearly all the members attended the District Conference, and worked on Youth Exchange, international projects and community activities.  Everybody had a useful job in the club.
Several years later I was having lunch with Karl LeMasters, the staff member in charge of club activities on the Rotary International staff
and I asked, "If you could pick one or two of the best Rotary Clubs in the world, who would top your list?"  Karl's answer was, "I think I'd pick University Hills out in the Denver area."  Karl had forgotten that I had been a former member Of University Hills.  But, that was the kind of reputation the Club had.
I can assure you that I would enjoy attending a 50th anniversary, but that is out of the question for a 95 year old guy, who doesn't get out much anymore.
warmest regards,
Cliff Dochterman
Fellow Rotarians - Each year in the past you found me in my Santa hat standing at the entrance to our weekly meeting with our small tree and my collection can.  This year we are doing our Giving Tree collection virtually, so pretend that I am standing to greet you as you come into the meeting.
The Club giving tree has a long history of providing funds to two of the agencies, Warren Village and Sacred Heart House, that we have supported year-in and year-out in order for them to provide holiday gifts to their clients. The Club matches the contributions that you make and last year we were able to give each of them in excess of $1,600, I hope to be able to do even more this year.
My collection can this year is going to be my mailbox, so please send your generous check to:
      Jim MacDermott
      13974 N Travois Trail
      Parker, CO 80318
or Donate via Pay Pal:
Thanks in advance, and may your holidays be as happy as can be during these  Covid times.smiley
Brittney Woodrum, Shelter Box Ambassador, climbed all 58 Colorado 14'ers this summer with a Shelter Box strapped to her back.  University Hills Rotary through direct contributions from our members sponsored Brittney's climb to the summit of Mt. Sneffels in Ouray County.  To learn more about Brittney's project go to



How two U.S. Clubs and two Honduran Clubs, together with Project C.U.R.E., collaborated to provide assistance to two struggling Honduran hospitals

By Joyce Hersh
In a complex international service project, two U.S. Rotary Clubs have completed a one-of-a-kind, joint effort involving two Honduran Rotary Clubs and Project C.U.R.E, an internationally known humanitarian organization headquartered in Centennial, Colo.  The plan:  to ship life-saving medical equipment and supplies to two government-operated hospitals in Honduras, one in La Paz and the other in the city of Comayagua.  What is unique is how the story behind this effort evolved and was made possible by the generosity, cooperation and hard work of the four Rotary Clubs and Project C.U.R.E.  -  Click Here for video of the project.

University Hills Rotary Club has achieved the rare designation of  "100 percent Paul Harris Fellow Club" not once but twice in the past 9 years.  And through the E Brent Hobson Scholarship Fund, we have awarded over $300,000 in scholarships to graduates of Colorado high schools pursuing STEM degrees at Colorado colleges or universities in roughly that same time period.

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Dec 25, 2020
We will be assisting Santa Claus at his work shop loading the sleigh and with some delivery
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Happy New Year 2021! 2020 is finally over!

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