OJ Pratt grew up in the auction business, declaring in his youth that he would not go into the family business. Of course that was want eventually happened.  In 1980 OJ moved to Longmont, worked for 3 years at the Longmont Police Department and in 1984 he purchased Pacific Auction.  OJ recounts the many hours spent practicing his chant as he and his father drove down the highway on the way to their next auction. 
OJ offered us some guidance in the art of auctioneer speak, drawing more laughter than anything.  OJ also brought with him a few collected artifacts, also recounting the varied items he has sold over the years.  He reminded us that a good auctioneer needs to connect with his/her audience, using charisma and personality to create excitement to drive bidding and command attention of the crowd.    
Pacific Auction is a family-owned and operated business, offering customers and alternative for selling goods of all kinds.  OJ has been the lead auctioneer and promoter for thousands of auctions representing over 300 million dollars in sales.