Becky Doyle, Jennifer Loper and Bob Allen represented the City of Longmont in discussing the Water Bond Issue 3C that appears on the ballot in the 2020 election.
Currently, the City of Longmont operates two water treatment plants: The Wade Gaddis and Nelson Flanders water treatment plants. The bond issue, if approved, would expand the Nelson Flanders water treatment plant, upgrade the water infrastructure, and issue $80 million in water bonds. This measure would improve the safety and reliability of the water system.
Why is this question on the ballot? The Longmont City Charter requires that an approval from the voters needs to be obtained anytime the city plans to issue bonds for any public purpose. This bond issue will not increase taxes. The proposed bonds, plus existing cash balances will be used to fund this initiative.
"Yes" vote:
  • Approves the issuance of $80 million in water bonds + adopted rate increases + existing fund balances
  • Spreads out the cost of the repairs over time
  • Maintains lower user rates
  • Allows the city to make the improvements sooner
"No" vote:
  • Argues that this initiative will cost more over time with bond interest
  • Argues that the city should not go into debt and should find other sources of funding
  • Argues that now is not the right time to spend money
  • Argues that short-term repairs could delay this expense
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