Charlotte Tyson and Edwina Salazar provided an update on our international literacy project in the Philippines. The relationship with the city of Dauin on Negros Island started in 2004 with club member, Dr. Stan Ladd. Realizing the level of need in these impoverished communities Stan began educating our club about the possible service projects for local schools.   In 2012, the Literacy Chairs, Edwina Salazar and Charlotte Tyson made a trip to Dauin, Philippines, delivering school supplies and assessing further needs. This began the expansion into building a Comfort Room (2012), and a Feeding Program (2017-18)- both projects at Malongcay High School.   Our Rotary Club provides school supplies for 6 different schools (Bagacay Elementary School, Panubtuban Elementary School, Malongcay Elementary School, Froilan A. Alana Memorial High School, Dauin National High School and Malongcay Dacu High School). 
Our 2023 our club donation was again, a wire transfer to the Rotary Club of Dumaguete, who then purchased the needed school supplies for 6,883 students.