Julie VanDomelen, Executive Director of Emergency Family Assistance Association (EFFA), spoke to the club about their services.   EFFA has its roots dating back to 1918 when the Spanish Flu killed 8,000 in Longmont.  That tragedy birthed a community safety net of service and support.  Today EFFA provides food bank services, basic need support, family housing, case management and strategic education.  They partner with local agencies like The OUR Center and Sister Carmen Community Center.  EFFA has a major focus on preventing family homelessness.    It is estimated that their are 500 families who are homeless in Longmont, the major causal factor being economic issues.  Julie mentioned that these families are often invisible to the community.  The children maintain school education and families may move from temporary housing to the next, while the parents actively seek employment.  EFFA operates 57 units of short-term and transitional housing for families in crisis.  They believe that it is important to keep the family system intact as they move back into self sufficiency.  Atwood is one such housing project managed by EFFA.  Our club recently provided new playground equipment for Atwood.