Thank you Austin Hill for this excellent presentation!         The Wild Animal Sanctuary is a 794-acre animal sanctuary in Keenesburg, Colorado. The non-profit sanctuary specializes in rescuing and caring for large predators which are being ill-treated, for which their owners can no longer care, or which might otherwise be euthanized. Nearly 650 animals roam large-acreage, species-specific, natural habitats.  The elevated walkways above the animal habitats provides a fantastic view for visitors, while ensuring the animals are comfortable. At 1.51 miles in length, it even holds the Guinness World Record for the world’s longest footbridge.  All males are neutered upon arrival at the wildlife sanctuary, except for male tigers because their manes are influenced by testosterone, thus the female tigers all receive contraceptives.  It takes approximately 80,000 pounds of food to feed the animals and Walmart is a major donor in this effort.

The sanctuary also provides public education about the captive wildlife crisis in America and around the world.  In the US there are state specific laws related to ownership of  exotic dangerous animals. Presently there are four states with no laws banning ownership of such animals-Nevada, Alabama, North Carolina and Wisconsin.  It’s estimated that their are about 20,000 large exotic dangerous animals under private ownership.

Recently the Wild Animal Sanctuary was able to purchase of 9,004 acres in Las Animas and Baca counties. This location, called the Wild Animal Refuge, will provide a dream home for rescued animals. Though it won’t be open to the public, these remote lands feature amazing natural landscapes with rocks, hills, canyons and water that will serve the animals as a true sanctuary.

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