Sergeant Andy Feaster, serving 21 years with Longmont Public Safety, spoke to our club about his role directing the the CORE (Crisis Outreach Response and Engagement) team.  Andy stated, “The CORE team is an attempt to put the right people in the right place at the right time".  The CORE team responds to 911 calls for service that indicate a mental health crisis. This team is a specialized co-responder unit, comprised of a specially trained police officer, a behavioral health clinician, and a paramedic. Once on scene, members apply their specialized skills to provide triage and assessment, de-escalate crisis conditions, manage field clearances, and divert individuals with behavioral health conditions from the justice system and the emergency room - redirecting them to appropriate treatment destinations.

Andy emphasized the importance of  the CORE team to build trust and develop rapport with clients.  The team arrives in an unmarked vehicle, (fully equipped to handle safety situations).  The clinical staff are dressed in regular attire. “We are also working to de-stigmatize mental health."  The team often follows up with clients after the incident has resolved.  “Many times the clients don’t remember us, however, we want to create a positive association with our team, so this follow-up is important."

The CORE team responds to more than 2,800 mental health crisis calls per year and engages in over 5,000 contacts with our community members annually.