With photos available from the internet, Tracey Perry shared some various snippets of Colorado history, including Longmont history. 

1) Alferd Packer is mainly known for his criminal charge of cannibalism. When taking five men on a backcountry trek, and returning to Breckenridge without them, (and looking  quite fit and well fed), was soon labeled a cannibal. No man in the history of Colorado had ever been convicted of cannibalism. His attorney pleaded his case based upon the fact that there was no law prohibiting cannibalism.  The judge found Packer guilty and he served 40 years in confinement.  Packer attained much notoriety, such that in 1967, when students at CU were given the choice to name their new cafeteria, called it The Alferd Packer Grill.  The students coined the slogan, "Have a friend for lunch".  Alferd Packer is buried in Littleton with a cement topper to prevent souvenir looting. 

2) James Cash Penney:  In 1898 he started a meat market on Main Street in Longmont which wasn’t very successful.  He eventually moved to Kemmerer, Wyoming and opened up a dry goods store, which began his launch of the nationwide company, J.C. Penney. 

3) Ku Klux Clan:  From 1925-27, the Longmont City Council was 100% KKK members. The final straw for the citizens of Longmont happened when a KKK member was elected to the school board.  This caused the citizens to rise up in protest, ultimately driving out this unfortunate part of Longmont history.

4). In 1993, Pope John Paul-II arrived at Stapleton Airport in the plane that was named Shepherd One, (which also held the infamous “Pope-Mobile”).  There were 750,000 people attending the World Youth Day celebrations at Cherry Creek.   When the pope visited St. Malo and St. Catherine’s Church, three helicopters were used, two were decoys.  The helicopter with the pope landed right on Highway 7. This was a very successful event for Colorado, with decreased crime pattern also evident.

5). Chainsaw Maggie- An icon and citizen of Allenspark, Maggie Walter got her nickname from cutting down wooden signs whose messaging did not please her.  Criminal mischief charges were filed against Mrs. Walter by the Boulder County Sheriff's Department, but later dropped. Her chainsaw was confiscated, but later returned to her.  She received national attention and a new chainsaw from STIHL !