Deborah Simmons, co-founder of The Re-entry Initiative (TRI), introduced Emily Kleeman, the Executive Director of TRI, a program designed to provide support to formally incarcerated adults. 

Emily started her presentation with an experiential activity, inviting Rotary volunteers to line up against a wall and following their cue cards (violent history, no ID, no Medicaid, no family support, etc) would would take one step forward as Emily called out some specific attribute or limitation the individual is facing.  The outcome was very few (actually only one), made it across the room.  The exercise emphasized the many challenges recently incarcerated individuals have once back in society.  These hurdles can ultimately lead to re-incarceration.  The vision of TRI is to offer formally incarcerated adults an opportunity to thrive in the community without reoffending. Their slogan, From Surviving to Thriving is manifested through the comprehensive services inside and outside prison walls that empower adults.   The Reentry Initiative is a 501(c)(3) organization, registered in the state of Colorado. TRI has served over 300 men and woman.  

The current recidivism rate in Colorado is 50% and if you calculate the cost of reincarceration, compared to providing added supportive services to prevent reoffending, it’s a no brainer!  Emily indicated that anyone on parole (reporting to a parole officer in Boulder County) or discharged from facility in the last year and a resident of Boulder County (or surrounding area), is eligible to apply. The Re-entry Initiative is located at  402 Kimbark Street in Longmont, CO.  TRI offices are on 2nd floor of Central Presbyterian Church.