Longmont Power and Communications: Energy Benchmarking & Efficiency Works Business
Commercial energy benchmarking is an excellent way to learn how to save on utility costs and possibly prevent/find any issues in our local businesses. Debbie Seidman of Longmont Power and Communications shared on Tuesday about the process and benefits of completing an energy benchmarking plan for anyone who runs or owns a business.
Another great way to learn about your business’s or home’s energy use is through Efficiency Works at efficiencyworks.org. There are so many excellent tools available such as building tune-ups, rebates, and free energy assessments. This year only there is a 50% rebate bonus for items like food and grocery, office and appliance, cooling, building envelope, VFDs and water retrofits. You can schedule free advisements and assessments to see how you and your tenants may save on utilities. Longmont Power and Communications also offers a nonprofit Community Efficiency Grant for projects.