For Rotarian, Michelle Rahm, a gemologist by trade, the true gems of Madagascar are the children of that land. Michelle gave us an update of the many activities her non-profit organization as done.   


Two Hygiene Stations have been built which include, toilets, showers and washing areas. A solar clean water system was built with large rain water storage tanks. An Expectant Mothers Waiting station was also built near the hospital, offering four beds where mothers can arrive two weeks before their due date.  


After their school was destroyed by a cyclone, Michelle worked with a foundation to build them a new school, also equipping them with a computer lab.  There are plans to build a High School. 


A farming complex recently completed along with the development of a Children's Choir where children perform traditional song and dance. Plans are now underway to build an outdoor Pavillion Complex.  

Madagascar is the 10th poorest country in the world by GDP per ca pita. The people there suffer great poverty and malnutrition. Over 50% of the children have stunted growth. There is no electricity, plumbing, clean water or even toilets in most rural villages.   And some villages are so remote they are essentially unreachable during the 4-month rainy season.  Help is needed to provide clean water solutions, basic hygiene education, healthier food, clothing, medical care and first aid training, education, toilets, community gardens and more. is committed to giving grass-roots aid and love to children in rural villages of Madagascar.