Steve Dundorf, an employee of the Department of Interior and long time volunteer of the Boulder County Search and Rescue, provided an update on the proposed new building headquarters.  The current facility is a 1960's former auto repair shop. It's at the end of its life and is too small to house all the rescue vehicles, equipment, and the team itself.  The new proposed building will include 8 bay spaces for vehicles/equipment, along with some  training room and meeting spaces. 

In 2021 there was 2.0 million visitors in Boulder County owned open spaces (up by 33% in the last two years) and 10+ million visits per year to federal, state and local open spaces in our county.  This new facility will support the increasing emergency needs of various emergency organizations who respond to the needs of those 2.0 million visitors.  

Additionally Steve spoke about a Ballot Measure that would address the funding of this proposed facility, along with funding support for Boulder County Search and Rescue services, fire fighting services, ambulance service in remote areas and trail and trailhead safety. The estimated cost for this project is $17.8 million.  Click on this link to learn more.  

Photo of proposed building