Imagine! was established in 1963 as the first community-centered board in Colorado. Today Imagine! provides services to over 4,300 people with developmental, cognitive and physical challenges, with the aim to build these individuals into the fabric of their communities.

Today‚Äôs program focused on the use of technology to aid in job skills training.  Joey Long demonstrated how he learned to bus tables at a restaurant through the use of Virtual Reality. Tyler Little and Meagan Wittle explained this technology, which creates an artificial environment that a person can inhabit. Through the aid of the goggles, a person can see a full 360 view of their work space with all its features.  This project started at Left Hand Brewing in Longmont and The Sink in Boulder.  After mapping the interior spaces, the framework was created to build in the work task details.  Imagine clients could then practice their needed job skills in a safe, errorless learning environment.

After the program Rotarians had the opportunity to test out the goggles and try their hand at clearing a table.  They did "okay".  Maybe more practice is needed.