Posted by Janet Day
PROGRAM:  Denver Sports with Troy Renck (May 10, 2022)
Troy Renck is currently the sports anchor at Denver7. He joined the station in 2016 as the Broncos insider and sportscaster. Renck worked for the Denver Post from 2002 to 2016 as the Rockies beat writer. In 2014 he joined the Post Broncos beat and in 2015 he took charge as the lead reporter during the team’s Super Bowl season. He has also worked for the Havasu City Today’s Daily News, the Colorado Daily covering CU athletics, and the Longmont Daily Times-Call. He hosts the Broncos Podcast with Troy Renck Mile High Sports. Renck was awarded the 2016 Top Breaking News award by the Associated Press Sports Editors for his coverage of Peyton Manning’s retirement.
Troy and his wife have lived in Longmont since 1996 and both of their sons graduated from Longmont High School where they played sports. Troy coached his sons in baseball from a very early age. Although baseball is Troy’s first love, the opportunity to cover the Broncos eliminated the long, grueling travel schedule required to cover baseball.
During his presentation, Troy focused on the Broncos. He said for the first time in six years, the “veil of darkness” has been lifted. The Broncos are finally worth talking about.  It has been six years since they reached the playoffs. Five straight losing seasons; they have had 11 starting quarterbacks since Manning. Renck is optimistic and very excited about where Russell Wilson can take the Broncos as quarterback.  During his 10 years in the NFL, Wilson has gone to the ProBowl 9 times and won a Super Bowl. He is obsessed with the process; he is obsessed with practice and getting better and winning. The Broncos need that—many of the players didn’t know what hard work looked like until Russell Wilson shows up at 5 am every day—it creates excitement and accountability. Last season the Broncos averaged 19 points a game and only 17 points at home; winning teams average 25 points or more. Russell will change that—he has many offensive weapons--it’s going to be fun! Renck thinks the Broncos can at least make it to the playoffs this year!
The other reason for guarded optimism for the Broncos is their new head coach, Nathaniel Hackett. He is a human “Red Bull,” very much the opposite of Vic.  Hackett has never been a head coach at any level but he has incredible energy, understands the U-tube generation, is adaptable, and is an excellent communicator. Russell Wilson’s experience, knowledge, and leadership will be key to Hackett’s success or lack thereof. Renck believes Hackett has a chance to be successful with the modern athlete.
Renck fielded questions about his thoughts around the offensive line and receivers, the assistant coach positions, and if there is more to the story of why Wilson left Seattle. Asked about the Rockies being 500 in May for the first time, does he think there is any hope for them this year—he does not.
The Broncos 2022 schedule comes out on May 12—check it out!