Natalie Sundermeier delivered a hope filled program about the work serving the people of Ukraine. Natalie and her husband Tony work with Tulcea, a Humanitarian Logistics Hub which began operations immediately after the February 2022 Ukraine invasion by Russia. Tulcea is located near Braila, Romania. Right from the  beginning, donations began pouring into the Tulcea Hub, where the arduous task of sorting and distribution began. Supplies include cold storage items such as insulin, food, water, generators, clothing, medical supplies and equipment.  The supplies that are sent to Ukraine travel by police escorted trucks (80%), train, ships and barges. The most hard-to-reach areas go by van, car and bike!  The heavy equipment delivered to Ukraine include cherry pickers, front-end loaders, tractors, utility trucks, and ambulances!  The fully integrated QR code system, assures all goods reach their destination. 
The individuals who work at the Tulcea Hub come from many walks of life, but are all individuals deeply committed to this mission. The "Honey Badgers", retired Special Forces operators, are one group of dedicated individuals. The Honey Badgers ensure that the trucks reach their Ukrainian destination.  Natalie said "It's a way that former soldiers can give back." She added, "We ship to the hardest hit, toughest to reach places, to the people that need it the most." 
Natalie mentioned that she has seen Rotary Club donations come through the Tulcea Hub, delivering food boxes and other supplies. These food boxes provide four days of food for a family, essential for people who are living day to day.