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The name of the 501 (c) 3 corporation is  LONGMONT ROTARY CHARITY FUND, INC.
The purposes-for which the Corporation is organized are –
  1. To raise, receive, invest, and manage contributions, revenues and gifts, all of which are to be used in a manner as may be permitted by law;
  2. Render financial or other assistance to such entities or persons as the Board of Directors may determine;
  3. To carry out the Policies adopted from time to time by the Board of Directors; and
  4. To function in such other capacities or activities as may be permitted by law.
  1. Qualifications for Membership - . Any person who is an active member of Longmont Rotary Club, Charter 510 - District 5450, Longmont, Colorado, shall be a member of this Corporation
  2. Annual Dues -  The Board of Directors may determine from time to time the amount of annual dues, if any, payable to the Corporation by members.