Camp Neidig
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Current Juniors in High School...
Camp Neidig is a youth program sponsored by the Rotary Clubs in the Rotary District 7430 (Southeastern Pennsylvania). Its purpose is to provide exceptional young men and women with the opportunity to live, work, and socialize together in a dynamic leadership environment. The activities in which you will become involved will be focused upon contemporary problems, ethical situations, and decision making that will contribute to your development as a leader.
Camp Neidig 2024
Camp Neidig is scheduled for June 14-17, 2024.   This 4-day hands on leadership training is a camp you won't want to miss.  To be eligible, you must be a current junior in high school.  All students at the camp are finishing their junior year and the camp is designed accordingly.
The Rotary club offers scholarships to cover the cost of the camp.  This camp is not open for purchase, you must be awarded the scholarship to attend. If you are a student in our footprint and would like to attend the camp, please reach out and we'll tell you how to apply.
Check in with our club members Dr. Burnham  or Jill Meade for more details.
Current, former and hopefully a future Neidig camper from the Wilson High School.
2018 Campers and Staff
We sponsor 8 students
Each year our club offers 8 scholarships for students to attend the 4 day youth leadership experience called Camp Neidig.  Students find their days and nights are filled with a variety of activities oriented towards leadership. 
Neidig Night
Presentation for family and friends
Check back for more details.
June 17, 2024
6pm at camp
This is a time for your family and friends to reunite with you after your weekend adventure and celebrate the success of your scholarship.  The presentation is designed and executed by the campers . It highlights the weekend and shows their growth.
What to expect
Most of the time will be structured in such programs as group discussions, problem solving, team building, guest presentations, and outdoor activities. Perhaps the greatest benefit comes from the opportunity of sharing this experience with nearly 150 outstanding young men and women from 60 high schools within this Rotary District. The friendships made will last a lifetime.