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Our club was proud to hold another successful community service event.  As PP Darryl Harvey said … what a GREAT DAY it was for one of our GREAT events ... shopping for school clothes for students from Century Elementary School!   Everything was special - the kids, the parents, the staff from Century Elementary, the shopping, the Walmart staff, the $20 donation from an onlooking shopper, the opportunity for "extra Rotarians" to shop for school supplies and the bacon covered donuts (okay, maybe not those!).  Thanks to the staff from the school especially to Holly Walker-Trine, a speech therapist from Century Elementary who teamed up President Talee Crowe to shop and who was a guest this week at our meeting. 

SCHOLARSHIP WINNERSMark Rank introduced the club's scholarship winners from Pickens Technical College, Shannon Austgen and Amanuel Boku.  Shannon and Amanuel were selected from 17 applicants and they each received a $2,000 scholarship.  They each shared some of their journeys and expressed their gratitude to the club for the scholarships.  Shannon is studying mechanics and Amanuel is studying nursing.  Best wishes to both of them during their college careers!


It was a special day at Smoky Hill Rotary as President Talee Crowe was honored to introduce our District Governor, Sandy Mortensen.  Sandy joined Rotary in 1991 and is a member of the Rotary Club of Summit County in Frisco.  She is the fifth (5th) woman governor of District 5450 in the past 19 years.  The value and leadership of women in Rotary shined brightly today with the presence of two past governors and AG Kay Davis! 

DG Sandy's theme this year is "Making Connections".  Sandy congratulated our club for surpassing our goals to the annual fund and Polio Plus.  She also recognized AG Kay Davis for all work she and other AG's do.  The governor wants two dates on our calendars:  1) The Club Leadership Training Workshop on September 15 at Front Range Community College from 7:30AM - 12:15PM and 2) the District Conference on April 27 (one day only) at the Arvada Performing Arts Center.  The district is collaborating with the "Up With People" program for the conference.  Sandy also encouraged us to attend the International Conference in Hamburg, Germany.  There is an extraordinary model train exhibit in Hamburg.

Rotary asks young people to attend meetings, donate money, donate time, etc but young people ask, "What is in Rotary for us?"  So DG Mortensen asked two questions:  Why did we join Rotary?  Why do we stay in Rotary?  For Sandy, Rotary gave purpose to her life when she helped build a school in the jungle of Costa Rica and witnessed mothers of children suddenly coming out of the jungle to serve lunch with tears flowing due to the impact the school will have on their children.  The common thread in Rotary is the opportunity to GIVE BACK!

Talee presented Sandy with a donation in her name to Polio Plus and a beautiful bouquet of flowers.  Thank you District Governor Sandy for your words and the honor of your presence at Smoky Hill Rotary!








Big Day for PP Betsy Jansen!  Betsy treated us to a Royal Invocation, quoting American Episcopalian Bishop Michael Curry's sermon at the Royal Wedding about the power of love.  Your Editarian wasn't able to write fast enough, but did find these lines from Bishop Curry's sermon:

"There's power in love. There's power in love to help and heal when nothing else can.

There's power in love to lift up and liberate when nothing else will.

There's power in love to show us the way to live.

May we all try to show that power in love in our daily lives and as Rotarians!"


Later in the meeting, Betsy shared the Good News from the International Service Committee.  Our Global Grant is fully funded at over $125,000!  Betsy and PP/Sec'y Bev Edwards presented this Global Grant to Club 31, Denver Rotary, and were they impressed!  They could not believe our small club was able to successfully complete this HUGE undertaking!  They were so impressed they came up with an immediate $3000 to add to the success of this grant.  Congratulations to Smoky Hill and to the power of love shown by the International Committee!  

PP/Secy Bev Edwards gave an update on our Global Grant for Beius, Romania's Hospital Urology Department.  The Grant's funding goal is $117,000 and we have currently raised $78,000 with donations from individuals, Smoky Hill, other District 5450 clubs, and District and RI matching grant money.  Clubs from Montenegro, Budapest, and Modesto, CA have contributed as well.  With all the matching money, a donation of $1000 magically transforms itself with Rotary Math to $3500!
Individual donations can be made through the Smoky Hill Rotary Foundation, a 501 (c) 3 foundation.  If you'd like to donate please contact PP Gary Frisch or Bev!  I'm sure they will help you with the details!

The Robert W. Tschappat Award was established in 1983 to honor the non-board member who has had the greatest impact on the club during the year. It is the most prestigious award given by Smoky Hill Rotary Club. Robert Tschappat was a member of the University Hills Rotary Club and was instrumental in getting Smoky Hill chartered. PP Terry Remigio reported that the SHRC board at its last meeting voted to rename the award the Gary W. Fletcher Annual Service Award in honor of our late friend and fellow Smoky Hill Rotarian. A fitting tribute to a wonderful man and a great Rotarian.
Rotary is an original "social network" and Smoky Hill Rotary Club became part of that network in 1983. View this video and follow the services that our members prove as they follow the Service Above Self model of Rotary International.
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