Posted by Kenneth Macy on Nov 15, 2022
Four presenters today: Jeanie Kegebein presenting the Holiday Lights program under planning now for the Fair Grounds in Watsonville.  This event will start November 25 and run through the weekends until December 25.  She is looking for volunteer helpers for setup, maintenance and take down.
Michele Mosher and Nancy Gerdt gave a comprehensive update on the Felton Library Friends activities and projects.  They are working to improve the teen room and to launch a community-led learning program for adults.  This has three areas of focus: Environmental Sciences, Local History & The Arts.
Then member Terry presented his Red/Blue badge autobiographical pitch:  he hails from Hollywood, California; travelled extensively across the US, Asia and Europe.  He retired from Lockheed Missiles & Space in 2017 after 31 years. He and Jeannie raised three sons, are now empty nesters doing community service projects around the SLV.
                          Jeanie Kegebein    Michele Mosher
                      Nancy Gerdt           Terry Howard