Posted by Kenneth Macy on Feb 02, 2022

Jim Mosher - Friends of San Lorenzo Valley Water

Jim Mosher, today's speaker presented Challenges Facing San Lorenzo Valley Water District
Among the challenges cited by Jim are:
  • It's a small water district by number of customers, but with a complex infrastructure that would be required for a district with many more customers with less mountainous terrain.
  • There are long-term infrastructure repair in progress requiring about $75 million.
  • Paying for long-term repairs required a rate increase in 2017 to qualify for a $10 million loan.
  • CZU fire damage recovery will require an additional $20 million.  FEMA can help with 75%.
  • The district has introduced a rate stabilization program to increase rates temporarily to recoup recent revenue losses
  • Several smaller districts are looking to merge: Bracken Brae, Forest Springs and Big Basin.  They sustained major damage in CZU fire.
  • The district is instituting a Low Income Rate Assistance Program which will include tiered rates.
  • A major challenge is the Santa Margarita Groundwater agency.  Stakeholders Scotts Valley, Santa Cruz County & City, SLVWD and well owners must develop plans to protect the aquafer we all take water from.